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    10 Essay Writing Techniques That Will Skyrocket Your Grades

    Creative writing is a challenging task to do. Many students, teachers, and professionals fear writing a creative essay. Essay Writing Techniques need extreme focus and concentration during argument building and writing. The essay writing process may become fun by dividing the concept and ideas into different phases and arguments.

    The primary reason for fear and lack of interest in essay writing is the lack of focus on analytical reasoning. However, this article will assist the reader in getting equipped with Essay Writing Techniques that will skyrocket the grades.

    Write an essay like a story

    Every story starts with an introduction. The story introduces the characters, atmosphere, and drama that may be part of the story. Then the story’s progress will change with conflicts to build some interesting drama senses and sequence. The drama will also include a climax that may lead to the story’s conclusion or a scene. A story may consist of different climax scenes and sequences.

    Similarly, the essay consists of the thesis statement and information at the start of the essay. Then the essay comprises a body consisting of different arguments that may be in favour or maybe against the subject matter. At last, the essay concludes with a result and conclusion to finally agree or disagree with the essay’s thesis statement.

    Use of Interesting Expression

    The process of academic or dissertation writing is a dry task for most people. However, collecting exciting information and resources will help the writer produce high-quality content with self-interest.

    Inclusion of Surprises

    An essay that contains a simple description will not lead to capture the reader’s attention. It will also be challenging for the writer to maintain focus and interest in effective writing. The writer needs to use some interesting facts and figures that enhance the quality of the essay. The use of interesting and surprising information in the essay will keep the writer intact with the essay. It will also increase the credibility and authenticity of the study.

    Use of Own Writing Expression

    The use of own language expression is an essential part of Essay Writing Techniques. Essay writing is a three-tiered process that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. All the sections of the essay should be interconnected and make logical sequences. Therefore to develop a complete understanding of the essay, the writer should correctly use their wording and expression.

    In this way, the writer will make complete sense, and it will be in a logical flow. As discussed earlier, that easy is more like a descriptive story. Hence the use of surprises, original language expression, and interesting information to explain a statement in the form of a story will help a writer get affiliated with the essay. This affiliation will enhance the quality and understanding of the essay.

    Use Authenitc References to Support Arguments

    Any argument without references will be considered as just random statements. Therefore to build solid arguments, the writer needs to use some quotes and references to make the essay reliable and authentic. The writer must ensure that the essay does not consist of only one argument. It will also raise questions about the authenticity and bais of the essay. The essay must comprise different arguments stating certain statements to ensure neutrality and authenticity.

    Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

    One of the essential Essay Writing Techniques is to ensure that the writer must write it in a flow. The writer, while essay writing, needs to write first thing first and then follow a sequential flow. In this way, the writer can maintain a logical sequence of the study. It will also help make a complete understanding of the context of the study.

    5W’s and 1 H

    To address 5W’s and 1H during the introduction of an essay is among Essay Writing Techniques. These 5W’s include Who, say what, to Whom, through Which channel, with What effects, and How it may be implemented. The answer to 5W’s and 1H will help develop an understanding of the topic.

    If the writer lacks topic understanding, he may not be able to produce high-quality content. This will also assist the writer in making solid statements. These statements may be backed with solid arguments and references.

    Avoid Idea Jump

    The essay writing must be in a logical flow. It must be organized in a way that it presents ideas in a continuous story shape. The jump or break in the essay’s flow will lead to confusion. It will become a hurdle in presenting a clear and concise idea. Moreover, it will be challenging to state logical arguments to take a solid stance.

    Not to Do

    The writer should not copy the complete idea of any other published or non-published piece of work. It is considered to be an ethical violation and academic theft. Moreover, it is also essential to state references to the quotations and statements part of the essay. It will help the writer enhance the quality and ensure that the work is genuine. It will also ensure that the writer did not compromise on quality and ethics at any stage or level.

    Research Work

    Research work is considered an essential part of an effective piece of writing. Therefore the writer must ensure that the essay must include solid references extracted from comprehensive research work. The research work helps the researcher use different state arguments in the essay. However, according to the discussion, the essay reaches a solid conclusion. The thorough research work can lead to reaching a solid conclusion.


    This article contains the Essay Writing Techniques essential to understanding and developing authentic essay content. These techniques guide the writer in how interest can be maintained. It is also helpful in understanding the importance of interesting information. Moreover, it will also guide us in writing an authentic and well-structured essay.

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