We’ve all heard about Facebook Marketplace in the past and how companies use the platform to increase their sales efforts. But did you know that you can also use Instagram to increase your sales?

Instagram sales can be among the most efficient strategies for eCommerce to boost the revenue of the size of an online shop. With Instagram, you can get a lot of customers and convince customers to purchase. It’s a fantastic advertising channel for businesses selling products online!

Instagram is now home to over 800 million users per month and is constantly growing. Although Instagram was initially an online platform for pioneers to share their favorite images, it’s developed into one of the most lucrative online marketplaces. You can also get free Instagram likes with Mrinsta.


Why should you promote Instagram?

It’s simple to make use of Instagram to advertise your product. Take a picture and add a cute caption, and post it. Promoting your posts will allow them to be incorporated into more people’s Instagram feeds.

Promoted posts can be described as regular posts. However, you pay for them to appear in front of a particular target audience. The “Sponsored” tag appears on every advertisement and promotes a post to notify IG viewers that the creator has paid for the privilege of showing this content.

Making use of the Instagram app to promote your post is as easy as tapping a couple of icons:

  • Visit your profile for your business within your account on the Instagram app.
  • There’s a “Promote” button under the post you’d like to promote.
  • Please fill in the information.
  • Press “Create Promotion.” If your post complies with Instagram guidelines, the promotion will be running shortly.

Why should you be promoting Instagram posts? Here are a few of the reasons:


Reach Broader Audiences

Promoting the contents of a post is a way to introduce yourself to new individuals.

You can choose to modify your audience or let Instagram the ability to build an audience for you using the information you supply. This crowd Instagram generates is determined by the current IG followers, which could result in good results if the following list already represents your intended audience. Also, it takes lesser time to analyze and effort than if you were using Ads Manager.


Call to Action drives traffic to Your Website.

You can’t connect your standard Instagram posts with your site.

However, an advertisement gives you the possibility of adding an action (CTA) button.

You can choose several options for your CTA in the initial setup phase. You can offer your potential customers the opportunity to browse your site or profile or request additional messages. It is essential to select the CTA that best fits your marketing objectives.


Sales Funnel Defined

Then, let’s get back to the principal issue of this article selling funnels. To convert your followers on your social media platforms to customers, you must build a sales funnel.

A sales funnel graphic depicts the path that potential buyers go through to buy.


1. Create Buyer Personas that are Targeted by using Instagram Ads

The term “buyer persona” refers to a buyer’s persona as a complete description of a fictional character representing your market.

It will give you a better understanding of your target audience’s needs, pressure points, and purchasing preferences. It allows you to develop specific marketing strategies and earn money through Instagram.

If you design an individual buyer, you can accomplish the following:

  • Imagine yourself in your customers’ shoes: Creating a persona can force you to examine your brand from the perspective of your target audience. It will force you to consider improving your approach to improve engagement.
  • Enhance the efficacy of your Social Media marketing.

Promotional posts are not as effective if you do not have a concept of the audience you wish to be able to reach. Creating a buyer persona can help you distill the target audience into data points that you can easily incorporate into your marketing settings.


2. Include a CTA in your Bio

The bio area of your account is the place you must make sure you are putting your best foot forward. (check through these photos of Instagram’s bio-design examples to get ideas). Also, make sure you have a call-to-action button. Since the interface for the app isn’t big enough for links or text, you’ll need to be inventive.

If your site is under 10,000 followers, A CTA is a rare opportunity to get your site noticed. If your goal is to increase the number of clicks you receive and improve your conversion rates displaying a CTA is the best way to move.


3. Collaboration with Influencers

Collaboration in collaboration with influencers can increase the reach of your target audience and help create more customers and leads. Influencers’ posts on behalf of your brand, at the very least, will be considered authentic to their followers. Why? Because they believe in the influencer.

Instagram influencer marketing produces about $1 billion annually. Brands spend thousands of dollars on influencers to endorse their products. However, your company doesn’t need to be a multimillion-dollar company to be involved in influencer marketing. Micro-influencers or those with only a couple thousand followers aren’t charged the same amount. The cost of support is, for instance, about $350 per post.


4. Include a Link to the link in Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows users to post content for just 24 hours. The content is targeted at those at the highest in the sales funnel. It’s excellent to create an atmosphere of urgency.

Because your customers can choose when to take action in response to your CTA, it gives the audience a rush when they click on the desired destination. It is possible to direct the followers to your page. After that, you can utilize Wishpond’s payment product so that they can make purchases immediately from the page.


5. Utilize User-Generated Content

Content created by users’ content is content created by users. It is available in different formats, such as video and text.

Through Instagram, UGC will help prospective customers see themselves with your product and become part of the sales process. It helps build trust in your brand and eventually improve your bottom line.

Here are the ways to gather UGC:

  • Create a hashtag trend. Inspire your followers to post their work, making a customized hashtag you designed.
  • Ask an inquiry: Do this and invite your followers to tag you on their post article. People love being the center of the spotlight!
  • Sponsor a contest: Maybe a photography contest?

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