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    6 Common Characteristics Of the Top 250 YouTube Channels

    If you’re looking to make it big on YouTube, you must make a plan carefully. In July of this year, the internet marketing research site Statista released some exciting results in their data. According to their study, YouTube ranks second among social networks when considering the number of users.

    Due to the growing popularity of YouTube, We decided to study the top 250 YouTube channels to understand the factors that make these channels successful. Here are the six most common characteristics of the 250 most popular YouTube channels that you need to be aware of.


    What are YouTube’s Top Popular Languages?

    Because YouTube is an online platform that has international appeal, the native language of your content is a crucial aspect of your plan. We examined the wording of the most popular 250 YouTube channels. We discovered that 66 percent of the content originates in English, with 22% in Spanish or Portuguese. As a result, English content seems to be the most popular, with Spanish and Portuguese ranking next and third.


    Who is YouTube’s Target Viewers?

    The YouTube audience can be classified by gender and age. The chart below shows that the average audience age of YouTube viewers is relatively young. For instance, 50% of people who watch YouTube are between 25 and forty-four years of age. When considering the gender of the viewers, the proportion that males tend to is much higher than female viewers. Thus, it is concluded that content that appeals to male viewers between the ages of 25 and 44 is among the highest-rated videos on YouTube. You can get free YouTube subscribers with SubPals.


    What are YouTube’s most famous subjects?

    The following are figures from the most popular categories on YouTube. The top three content areas on YouTube are Music, Entertainment, and People and Blogs.

    The “Entertainment” category comprises the “Entertainment” category, which includes channels that could be classified as entertainment programs. This category encompasses content like talk shows produced by several broadcasters and the individual YouTube creators (Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, etc.). “Music” is a “Music” category that comprises individuals and large music labels. Additionally, the “People & Blog” category contains channels described as Vlog-related channels.


    What is the ideal length for a YouTube Video?

    Based on the YouTube Ranking Factor Study by Briggsby, the study reveals an underlying pattern in the duration of the most popular YouTube content. The study showed that YouTube videos that ran longer than 10 minutes but shorter than 16 minutes gained more likes from viewers. Also, small videos with a length of between 10 and 16 minutes tend to be the most liked on YouTube.


    Are comments, Likes, and Shares critical?

    There are three kinds of interaction between users on YouTube content: Likes, Comments, and Shares. Backlinko has analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos and reported that interactions between users significantly impact the rankings of YouTube videos.

    • Likes: The quantity of likes is a significant factor in YouTube rankings.
    • Comments: Comments are in a direct connection with YouTube ranking. The amount of words boosts the rank.
    • Shares: The amount a video is shared can significantly impact YouTube rankings. The videos that show up at the top of YouTube have higher share numbers than others.

    Therefore, channels that focus on topics that result in significant viewer interaction are likely to be ranked higher.


    What are the six characteristics of The Most Popular Channels?

    We came up with six common traits of the most popular YouTube channels from the above data. These shared traits are:

    • Global Attraction: Contents with low language/cultural barriers, with the most popular language being English, Spanish or Portuguese.
    • A Relatively Young Audience: Contents appealing to the demographic with the highest audience (25-44).
    • Theme-based: Contents specific to certain themes or areas.
    • Lang-Lasting: Web pages are in constant demand, regardless of the time.
    • Very Short Content: Contents longer than mins but shorter than 16 minutes.
    • Interactivity: Contents on topics that could trigger audience interaction.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you know all about branding your channel, here are some quick pointers to make sure your channel is a success:

    • Write a script for each video. This will help you stay on track and say what you want to.
    • Create a storyboard. This will allow you to plan out how the video will look visually and help save time later on with revisions.
    • Create a channel trailer to leave a good impression on viewers and encourage them to subscribe.
    • Consider creating a custom thumbnail to entice viewers once your video is done and ready to be uploaded. Make sure it follows your brand though.
    • Add royalty-free music to your videos to get rid of any possible silences and add to the tone.


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