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    8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen to a More Modern Look in the City of Santa Clara

    8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen to a More Modern Look in the City of Santa Clara

    Do you ever feel like you’ve been transported back in time when you enter your kitchen? It’s a strange feeling, but true to some extent. Most Santa Clara home kitchens are outdated. It is often found that living rooms and bedrooms are well furnished and flawlessly decorated. Unfortunately, domestic kitchens are not up to the mark. It usually fails to draw the attention of your most honored guests when they visit your place during holidays.

    So it’s safe to figure out that most homeowners would benefit from having a contemporary kitchen. It simplifies and organizes their life. However, they must consider the style they desire as well as the utility they require. To make things easier, local contractors in Santa Clara Done Right Home Remodeling have compiled a list of eight simple steps that will guide the homeowners through the process of designing a fully functional contemporary kitchen.

    1. Adopting Minimalistic Design

    A minimalistic and elegant design approach is one of the distinctive features of a modern kitchen. It isn’t necessary to keep it to a bare minimum. It only has to appear to be that way. Being your remodeler, we will never suggest you sacrifice storage or other crucial features.

    For instance, a white kitchen has a fundamental appeal, and it instantly gives warmth and brightens the kitchen space. It also offers a more open ambiance. White is, in fact, an everlasting color that is always in high demand. Therefore, white cabinets and countertops are an added advantage for a kitchen that is both contemporary and classic.  

    2. Allowing for Natural Light

    Natural light is critical when sticking to a minimalistic style during your kitchen makeover. It can open up space and make the kitchen appear larger than it is. Kitchens in modern homes, particularly in the city of Santa Clara, are fairly compact. Therefore, if you prefer to give your kitchen a contemporary look, consider making way for sufficient light.  If you blend it with an all-white color scheme, you’ll have a modern kitchen that’s both basic and comprehensive.

    3. Installing Sleek Cabinets

    Contemporary kitchen design, unlike other types of kitchen décor, is all about focusing on delicate styling. Regarding kitchen cabinets, the minimalist approach is extremely crucial, particularly when they are regarded as the most expensive part of the entire facility. As a result, their conformity to the design aspect is undoubtedly vital from an aesthetic viewpoint. Avoid elaborate cabinetry and strictly follow sleek, matte, and elegant styling. It will give the kitchen a sophisticated look.

    4. Creating a Social Space

    Dedicated spaces were common in older residences. The living room, a dining room, a few bedrooms, and a kitchen, etc. were all considered hubs of activities. Due to space limits, modern homes do not have such luxury. It explains why open kitchen ideas are becoming increasingly popular. Open kitchens not only fit in with today’s lifestyle, but they may also be exactly what you need to incorporate a space for entertaining your guests during spare time.

    Your breakfast counter serves as a partition between your kitchen and living room. If you place bar stools or pub chairs close to it, it can serve as a transitional feature rather than an obstacle. It not only facilitates interaction but also helps maintain a positive social atmosphere.

    5. Adding Open Kitchen Shelves

    Open kitchen ideas are being widely discussed these days. We suggest you adopt the ‘openness’ culture in your kitchen. You have to be open to fresh ideas and minute details. Using open shelves is one such option. It’s a decent choice to start by removing the doors from the upper cabinets and leaving the shelves to remain as they are. The first objective of open shelves is to provide storage. The second reason is that they offer individuality to your kitchen by functioning as décor.

    6. Adding a touch of Aestheticism

    Even though contemporary kitchen design is all about minimalism, there’s always scope for a bit of excitement in various parts of the home kitchen. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color here and there.

    Colorful seats, vibrant silverware, and even colored décor pieces can help you achieve this. Bold and brilliant tones and shades aren’t always necessary for creating any dramatic situation. You may create a point of attraction in the kitchen by using decorative kitchen countertops. 

    7. Demonstrating Personal Preferences

    Your kitchen is a natural extension of your property and your identity. When it comes to redesigning your kitchen and rendering it a new look, you must inject your personality into the process. You can, for example, hang a favorite painting, decorate flowers, scatter trinkets, novelties, and similar stuff around, and so on. It is the ideal place to show off your individuality and have it shine out without being swamped by other elements in the room.

    8. Introducing Never-changing Elements

    A timeless touch in your contemporary kitchen will never go out of style. Simple and elegant cabinetry is one of the few design components that has stood the test of time. Consider installing sliding cabinets, handle less cabinets, and push cabinets, among other options.

    While the style is contemporary, it is undoubtedly ageless. Incorporating streamlined features into your kitchen will ensure that it has a long-lasting appearance. All Santa Clara homeowners have their say, and several thought processes contribute to the overall creativity. The greatest method to achieve a contemporary kitchen design is to integrate sleek and stylish cabinetry.


    Kitchens in the modern day are minimalistic, sleek, and attractive. A modern kitchen combines functionality, aesthetics, and artistic flair. It is important to do what you feel inside while building the trendy kitchen of your dreams. Following the qualities of contemporary kitchen décor and putting your stamp on it will result in a kitchen where you will enjoy spending your precious time.

    These are some valuable tips that we insist our clients implement from time to time. If you are planning your kitchen makeover, you may schedule an appointment, and we will be happy to help you.


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