rockspace wifi extender setup

Rockspace extender setup are smart indicators, which are customized to control the extender network. They can create long ranges, their strong signal could be reached from the nooks and steep corners of the house. We will help to set up the extender by using some methods to troubleshoot these issues.

Extender Setup basic Requirements

To set up the Extender you need to fulfill the basic requirements of the extender for installing the device. However, it is a very playful device after you plug it in.

  •   Working on the internet with the capability of a Modem or a router at work.
  •   A working laptop or a smartphone with a browser.
  •   Since you need a WiFi enabled router WiFi router, in case of WPS setup.
  •   Web address or default range of IP address or default login details of the range extender.
  •   An optional Ethernet cable.
  •   Mainly, the Router’s WiFi network name and WiFi password are necessary to set up the router.
  •   If you have configured the router already, and it is an old router then it might take some time.
  •   Henceforth, let’s just move on to the extender setting before installing them.

Let’s just configure the router by unboxing the extender range and connecting the cable as initiated in the extender manual.

Relocate The Range Extender

  •   Place the router within the range of the extender, between the ranges of the signal of the router. If the router will be apart or far from the router’s range will break off.
  •   Put the extender close to the router, and turn the extender on, wait for a while as the signal LED will start blinking Blue. If it turns blue it means the Extender is close to the router.
  •   The client devises an extended WiFi network.

Modify the Extender Position

  •   Keep the extender halfway between the router signal and the router to locate the, now choose the location on which you want to place the extender.
  •   Now turn the extender on. If the extender is still not working, place the router in an outlet close to the router, Wait to turn the LED finally blue.
  •   Use the client device to connect to the extended WiFi network that you created in the previous step.

Notice: The existing WiFi network and the password for the extended network must be the same.

Use Re.rockspace.local For Rockspace Extender Setup

You have to set up the extender to access point mode, to enhance the signal strength of the re.rockspace.local extender and use the internet to its fullest. After doing the setup you will obviously get the signals from the cranny roadsides and even the steep corner of the house.

To access the high-speed internet you have to just visit the re.rockspace.local website to make the process easier though. Henceforth, the problem of the drooping of signal and speed would be resolved but, in case not, you have to move to the next steps.

Signal & Speed related issues-

Anything can cause an issue if the performance of the range extender is not good. The external component or the other not-so-huge problems causing issues.

  •       The extender and the existing router are both placed wrong.
  •       The data package of the ISP and the internet connection both cause issues.
  •       In some cases, devices or the distance of the device causes the problem.
  •       The user device or the operating system might be outdated.
  •       The speed limit of the extender.
  •       Extenders channel settings are not well.
  •       Protocols are less compatible or unsupported by security authentication.

However, update the latest firmware and adjust the setting of the extender.

Similarly accessing the dashboard may resolve the issues.

Henceforth, The protocols must be of your likings such as WPA2- PSK or some other devices also. But, better understand that it should not be your antivirus, that might be failing the connection. Or the antiviruses also need an update.

If required you can contact our chat support to reach the rock space range 


How to use Search Bar

If you are entering re.rockspace.local in the search bar of the existing web browser to reach the Rockspace wifi extender setup you won’t be able to reach it. So, keep in mind that always enter rockspace local in the web address bar.

Avoid the thick walls

Signals may take some time to pass through the thick walls. Keep the extender away from the thick concrete walls as thick walls may block the WiFi signals.  as a result, you should change the location of the extender.


I hope the methods given in the article are enough to resolve your issues regarding the WiFi extender Setup. But if you still face the issues then you can contact our chat support executive he/she will help you reach our expert technicians.

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