Nowadays, law firms require speed and efficiency, especially when it comes to immigration case management, legal calendaring, and time/billing activities. Speeding up these processes will help propel business and allow law firms to handle a large volume of data. The immigration tracker software helps law firms take care of these core work areas, all thanks to various immigration platform technologies bundled in the platform.

Imagility provides one of the best immigration software that can improve petition analysis, petition building, RFE response building, full access to documents, template building, compliance, notifications, receipts, alerts, and onboarding and offboarding employees. Currently, Imagility stands as the best-in-class end-to-end collaborative digital immigration platform. 

Challenges in Immigration Processes

Law firms face multiple challenges that can quickly snowball into productivity issues affecting their profit margins.

In-house tool limitations: In most cases, in-house immigration software has multiple constraints. It can include long petition tasks, complicated filing steps, and no scope of change. 

Different goals of Recruitment and Immigration teams: For instance, the recruitment team can pass on details of candidates after essential filtration to the immigration team. At the same time, the immigration team’s goal is to identify suitable candidates since not everyone qualifies for an H-1B visa. This leads to a constant tussle between the recruitment and immigration teams since their goals were quite different.

Increased cycle time: With in-house immigration software, each petition usually takes a minimum of 2 hours to fill out the essential details. In addition, such software also offers no flexibility to go back and modify existing details, make any last-minute changes from the client, etc. The only option is to delete the entire task and re-do it entirely. 

How Does Imagility Immigration Tracker Software Improve the Immigration Process?

At Imagility, the team thoroughly understands the immigration process and stays on top of it. This helps them develop an innovative, highly impactful, cloud-based, end-to-end best immigrationPlatform, Imagility.

Imagility offers: 

  • Support for more users – The best immigration software Imagility currently supports petitioners, attorneys, temporary workers, and families. In addition, they also provide support for investors, students, travelers, etc.
  • Support for more visas and forms – Imagility also supports employment visas and forms to support other users, including USCIS, DOL, and DOS services.
  • Immigration strategy, policy, and planning – Imagility immigration tracker software also provides additional platform support for comprehensive foreign workforce planning, migration planning, policy support, forecasting, etc.
  • Mobility – Offers global assignment management, compensation, benefits, relocation, etc.
  • Intelligent automation – Imagility also provides comprehensive visa and green card automation, including job description development, role & LCA mapping, collecting & analyzing receipts and RFEs, etc. 
  • Additional integrations – The best immigration software also offers seamless integration with Zapier and other HR systems, payments systems, different mail, calendaring systems, etc. 
  • Global support – Offer support for several countries around the world.

Wrapping up

Imagility is not just an immigration software; it is the best immigration software integrated with powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, delivering the best-in-class end-to-end immigration platform.

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