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    Benefits of Hosted Payment Pages for Recurring Billing

    What is the Hosted Payments Page?

    The hosted page for payment is a third-party web page on which the transaction can be made securely. The external site allows customers to enter their payment information in order to complete the online checkout.

    From the viewpoint of the consumer, the checkout process can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, it’s much more than that.

    How Does It Work?

    All you have to do is supply the information for your payment and to generate an email that redirects customers to a hosted payment page.

    If your client is ready to look at:

    • Request Hosted Pay Page session and send the details of your payment including the amount as well as the currency, country, and the reference.
    • This data will be used to generate a hyperlink that you can use to send your customer to a hosted Payments Page with their product information on display.
    • When your customer has filled in the required details for payment, the platform takes care of the payment and manages the authentication process.
    • Once the payment is processed successfully you are notified via email.

    Benefits of Hosted Payments for Recurring Billing

    While hosted payment pages may not be the best option for all but at SubscriptionFlow we understand that there are many benefits to hosting a payment page. Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons you should consider hosting payment pages:

    It’s Perfect for Billing Recurring and Subscriptions

    If you’re looking to get into subscriptions, or have a subscription program, hosted payment pages are a great option to assist in a streamlined recurring billing process by working with the right provider.

    • Security

    Hosted payment sites are among the most secure methods to allow customers to pay as previously mentioned. This allows your customers to enter their personal information through a secure payment website rather than having the information flow directly to your site.

    • Easy Integration

    If you choose the right partner, integrations are simple and benefit you and your business. The payment page hosted can easily be integrated into your site right from the beginning and provide your customers with an easy experience as most payment gateways come with basic checkout pages.

    Most of the time whatever vendor you choose to assist with the payment process can help you set up an integration.

    • Multi-Payment Options

    Hosting a payment site gives your customers to choose from a wide range of choices for choosing a payment method. Customers will be able to select among a variety of payment options based on the partner you have and include vendors such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or even directly from an account at a bank.

    • Simple Checkout Method

    Making your checkout process simpler is always beneficial. without a simple checkout procedure, there is a chance that you are experiencing an increase in cart abandonment.

    One of the main reasons for carts to be abandoned are the lengthy checkout procedure, insufficient payment options, and the person feeling unsure about making use of their credit or debit card details on the website. With an HPP all of these issues can be resolved effectively.

    6 Reasons to Think About the Possibility of a Hosted Payment Page

    If you own an eCommerce company (or at the very least an eCommerce sales platform) you’ll need to decide either to host your payment processing (and keeping your customers’ information about payments) using your server or by using an online payment page.

    Here are the benefits of a hosted payment page:

    1. Simple Setup

    Many merchant services providers offer to host a payment page for their customers as an option for your current payment gateway. If you choose to take advantage of this feature, it’s simple to set up and begin accepting payments. In accordance with the service you use you’ll likely have certain customization options, you’ll have to set up prior to using the site.

    • Lower PCI Compliance Requirements

    A hosted payment site will dramatically minimize the impact that you must meet your PCI conformity requirements. Since your customers’ sensitive data on payment transactions don’t go through your website and isn’t stored on your site and your merchant service provider is responsible for ensuring compliance in place of your own.

    While this won’t entirely eliminate any of your PCI Compliance requirements (or relieve you of having to pay PCI compliance costs) however, the change will help make it simpler for you to comply with the requirements without having to spend money on additional security features.

    • Enhanced Security Features

    The majority of service providers include additional security features integrated into their web-based payment sites. These include tokenization, encryption from end to end and fraud detection, and many more.

    • Recurring Billing Support

    Since paying for goods and services on the monthly basis becoming increasingly popular and recurring billing is a popular option to ensure that your payments come on time will increase your profits. The majority of providers now provide the ability to support a recurring bill feature on their online payment page.

    • Account Auto-Update Support

    The credit card information of your customers is changing constantly. With an auto-updater feature for accounts, it will be possible to keep your information up-to-date by detecting automatically the moment a credit card expires and is issued again or replaced by an alternative card number in the event of fraud.

    • Extra Payment Methods

    Customers can’t make online purchases using only debit and credit cards. A hosted payment page will let you accept a range of other payment methods such as e-checks, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal as well as Click to Pay, among other payment options.


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