A leased line is a high-capacity dedicated internet connection that you or your company hires exclusively. Because your internet connection isn’t shared with anybody else, you’ll get 100% of the bandwidth with a Leased Line connection. In the list of benefits below, we’ll go over dedicated line connectivity in further depth.

An internet connection that provides equal download and upload speeds is referred to as a symmetrical internet connection.

Benefits Of Leased Line

Following are the benefits of a leased line:

1. Symmetric

Consequently, you can download and upload data at the same rate. This allows you to carry out data-intensive tasks like VoIP calls, working remotely, and transferring large files.

2. Adaptable Connection

You can communicate in many different ways with your dedicated line. You may choose how the bandwidth is distributed, and it can be used for VPN access, phone calls, and internet traffic all at once.

3. Fast

Speeds for leased lines range from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. There are no speeds that are “up to” or “best” like you.

There are no “up to” or “best” speeds like with broadband; you get the entire amount of bandwidth for which you paid.

4. Reliable

Because the providers can monitor and maintain the line themselves to ensure a specific level of performance, leased lines frequently include Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

5. Secure and Private

Leased lines are perfect for businesses that handle sensitive customer information, such as those in the financial and professional services sectors, because the connection is just for your use.

6. Provide full Assistant:

Get immediate access to your line’s provider and 24/7 business phone assistance. They can promptly fix any issues because they are the actual provider of your connection.

7. Unrestricted Use

There is no fair use policy and unlimited data usage.

Must I Obtain a Leased Line?

  • If your company needs a variety of communications to be delivered together works with a lot of data on a regular basis or has many offices, a lease might provide you with a better service at a lower price.
  • Obtain a price right away.
  • With our online dedicated line price tool, you can quickly receive your own leased line quote.
  • With a dedicated internet connection of your own, you’ll never need to share bandwidth again. The available bandwidths are 20Mb to 100Mb.

Leased Lines and Broadband for Internet Connectivity

The following are just a few of the many distinctions between broadband and dedicated line internet connectivity:

  • The underlying technology and operation of the internet connection.
  • The price of the internet service.
  • The download and upload speed of the leased line
  • The dependability of the internet connection and what would happen if it broke down.

While there is no absolute right or wrong answer, context can help you determine which sort of internet connection is ideal for your unique needs. We are regularly asked what the best type of internet connection for a business is and if broadband or leased line internet access is better.

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So that you can better grasp what each is, what they offer, and most importantly, whether broadband or a leased line is preferable for you, we’ve highlighted some of the major distinctions between broadband and dedicated line internet connections.

The Difference in Technology Between Broadband and Leased Lines

This essential distinction and the technology utilized to supply you, the consumer, with your internet connection, are the source of many of the key distinctions between broadband and dedicated line internet connections.

The majority of broadband connections—there are many different sub-types of “broadband”—will typically be supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a cabinet on your street or close by.

Even though they are typically painted in drab shades of green or grey, these cabinets are extremely obvious if you look closely. From there, a cable travels to your residence or place of business, where you can access the internet. As an alternative, you can eliminate the middleman with a leased line. It doesn’t travel over your leased internet connection

Your leased internet connection connects to you directly rather than passing through a street cabinet. Why is this important? Contention! The quantity of people vying for a connection is called contention. The connection will be worse and the contention will be higher as there is more competition for that connection.

Wrapping Up

There is no competition because a dedicated line is a dedicated connection. Since your company has a direct line to the local exchange, no other businesses or residents in the area have access to it. Broadband, on the other hand, is not a dedicated connection, therefore you share it with other users. Realistically, this slows down the connection, which is why your home internet connection is likely to lag during busy hours like the evening.

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