If you want to browse Instagram Stories anonymously, this guide on the best anonymous Instagram Stories viewer might help you out.

In contrast to what takes place on Instagram’s feed, when you view someone else’s Story, your name will be added to the list of people who watched it. On the other side, there are instances when we wish to browse Instagram Stories in private, perhaps even while we’re looking at the Stories of someone we have a crush on.

It would be wonderful if Instagram allowed users to view the Stories of other users in a private setting, but, given that this is not the case, it is recommended that you use other, more specialized apps.

It’s also annoying when you don’t have a chance to watch an Instagram Story because you were distracted by something else (like working).

Even while connecting with others on Instagram is among the most effective methods for attracting new followers, there are times when we would rather not be nearly so exposed.

1. StoriesIG

StoriesIG gives you the ability to view, download, and store Instagram Stories as well as Instagram Story highlights. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require you to install any apps on your device to get started.

This website is ideal for anyone interested in downloading Stories and sharing them on other social media platforms such as Facebook or TikTok.

You may use StoriesIG on your Windows computer, Mac, or mobile device by simply clicking a button. Additionally, you can view Stories without anybody else being aware of it.

2. Picuki

Picuki is also the best and most anonymous Instagram viewer which you can use to watch Instagram without launching the original app or website. You just need to visit Picuki.com in a web browser and start browsing and editing IG profiles, stories, posts, and more. You get more information about Picuki by visiting NewsUpTimes.com.

Basically, Picuki.com is an easy-to-use Instagram editor and viewer. It offers several functionalities that users can access while scrolling through Instagram. All of this is available without needing an account to access Picuki or Instagram.

3. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is one of the best Instagram Stories viewer on this list. Instagram Stories may be seen instantly and anonymously without logging in or creating an account.

Besides viewing Instagram Stories, you can download high-resolution videos and photos and store them on your desktop or mobile devices.

They also include a blog section with some related Instagram articles, like How to go viral on Instagram, Beginner’s guide to Instagram, How to recover an Instagram account, and more.

4. Dumpor

By using Dumpor, downloading Instagram Stories and Reels is quite simple, and you can view profiles without revealing your identity at any time. According to the latest updates, SmiHub is also merged with Dumpor

One of Dumpor’s cool features is that it allows you to search for Instagram accounts based on location.

You can browse Instagram anonymously without logging in and search through hashtags, profiles, and locations.

Another feature that some of these apps include is the ability to remove your profile from their database. Sending them your URL will cause them to remove your page within a few days if you want to have your content removed from their website.

What is an Instagram Stories Viewer?

An Instagram Story viewer is an app that allows users to watch their friends’ Stories without logging in to Instagram. These apps let users save their friends’ Stories so they can watch them later and even share them with others. Some apps also allow users to browse the Stories from several different profiles at once, making it easy for them to keep up with people who post often.

You can start watching movies or Stories on Instagram without anyone noticing by using an Instagram Stories viewer app. Also, you may watch videos or Stories on Instagram anonymously and without logging into your account by downloading them for free.

Is it safe to use Instagram Stories Viewer?

Yes, browsing Stories using these apps is safe, but you should also take precautions to prevent account hacks and deletions. All the apps on this list are SSL secure and won’t ask you to register an account to be able to access their services.

Furthermore, they will never ask you to input your Instagram credentials. You shouldn’t worry about revealing any private information by browsing public profiles.


I hope this guide on the best anonymous Instagram Story viewer apps has helped you out on your search.

There are a lot of apps out there that let you view Instagram Stories anonymously and download them to your device. Some even let you download posts, Reels, and videos.

Hopefully, the detailed descriptions I provided in this article will help you choose the right one.

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