Kasol is also known as the ‘Commercial of India’ and is one of the most beautiful places in the Parvati Valley. In Kasol, riverside camping is not just an activity but more of a tradition, as it has been doing for years now. The  Parvati river is one of the biggest attractions in Kasol, and on its banks, you can find a large number of spots to pitch your tent in Kasol. You can also visit Kuari Pass Trek .they are

  • Kheerganga Trekking Camp
  • Campin’ wild Camp
  • Johny Camping Trekking
  • Nature’s Outpost Camp
  • Camp Himalayan Midway
  • Moksha Riverside Camp
  • Stay High Camp and Cottages

Kheerganga Trekking Camp 

Kheer Ganga Trekking Camp is a great option for travelers looking for a campsite in Kasol. This Kheerganga Trekking Camp is situated in the Ganges at an altitude of about 2950 meters, it is one of the most famous trekking destinations in Kasol.

If you are a budget traveler, then Kheerganga trekking camps are perfect for you. Situated on the slopes of mighty mountains surrounded by pine trees, you will come closer to nature by staying here.

Campin’ wild Camp

Wild camping may seem as easy as trekking to the nearest woodland. Campin’ wild camp is Situated a little away from Kasol, this camp is for those who want to reduce pain in their soul and de-clutter their mind.

Campin Wild is one of the few places to offer yoga classes and a fitness center. Campin ’ wild camp also provides rent for bicycles. While you are walking the winding paths disappear into the mountains. If you are looking for camps in Kasol to spend an unusual honeymoon, this place also has a bridal suite. Providing a  good meal after a tiring day as the restaurant here has a sumptuous buffet.

Johny Camping Trekking

Johnny Camping Trekking offers a relaxing holiday in the panoramic view of the lush green hills and snow-clad mountains of Himachal Pradesh in Kasol.

Visiting this small Himalayan village which is located in Johny Camping. There are many adventure activities in Johny Camping which make it a paradise for an outsider. You can enjoy these recreational activities to the fullest by staying at Johnny Camping Trekking.

The village is situated in the shadow of Budhvan glacial mountain near Tosh river. Providing activities like trekking, hiking, water sports, and swimming will keep you busy throughout. The snow-capped peaks, rocky patches, meadows, and thick forests are tiring and thrilling at the same time. The staff here will help you plan these activities. They also plan evening entertainment where you can enjoy the entertainment.

Nature’s Outpost Camp

If you are looking for a place to stay in Kasol,  Nature’s Outpost Camp is the best camp for staying. Though located a little away from Kasol, you will get a chance to soak yourself in the local culture. Spacious tents with carpeted floors and clean bathrooms are the hallmarks of the venue.

It is a very serene place surrounded by hills and greenery. You can spend nights in a tent in the chilly cold weather. Location-wise, it has a valley front view and is a serene place to enjoy the beauty of the entire Himalayas.

Camp Himalayan Midway

Camp Himalayan Midway is located at Chalal Kasol in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Beautifully constructed inns are available for family vacations at Camp Himalayan Midway.Nice security, ambiance, and best stay here! Here you will find a wide range of affordable and comfortable tents.

Camp Himalayan Midway provides an in-house cafe, scenic views, a barbecue, a garden, free parking, and a hot spring.

At Camp Himalayan Midway, you can have activities such as hiking, walking tours, cycling, etc. These activities make your body strong and you feel relaxed while you are in depression.

Moksha Riverside Camp

Moksha Riverside Resort is a good option for travelers looking for 4-star hotels in Kasol. It is located on Manikaran Road.

Moksha offers you a great variety for the perfect holiday. The riverside area with open seating is serene to feel the full power of the Parvati River. This area is also good for making bonfires and barbecues.

Stay High Camp and Cottages

Stay high Camp and Cottage is located at a distance of 2.5 km from the center at Katgala near Katgala Bridge in Kasol. Stay high Camp and Cottage have an excellent atmosphere, wonderful location, and great vibration. It offers splendid views of the river Parvati and the surroundings. Stay high Camp and Cottages in Kasol has accommodation and a garden. A few apartments have dining and seating rooms.

StayHigh Cottage is the best cottage and provides a good meal and neat room accommodation and also has a playing area.


Kasol is the best place while you are planning for a camp and they have different campsites available and also have a good cottage. Here I mentioned only a few camping sites. This camp is best compared to the remaining camp.

So, while you are planning to stay, I highly recommend visiting Kasol for a better experience.  

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