In February 2021, I just so happened to stay there and I absolutely adored the facility. This establishment, run by Pooja and her 9-year-old son Bunny, provides a perfect home-like atmosphere that is also quite secure and tranquil. Imagine it as a genuine homestay where the host joins you on the premises. So even if you’re seeking for Jibhi hostels, I advise you guys to check out this location as well. It’s also feasible to camp here. You can also visit Indrahar Pass Trek.

A garden area, a common room with traditional bukhari, and an on-site kitchen are included with the two rooms. The food, which includes specialties like Siddu, Litti Chokha, and more on the menu, is another highlight in addition to the ambiance and a fantastic host. The restaurant will soon be known for its in-house pizza.

About Jibhi:

Jibhi, which is a developing tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh, is situated in the Banjar Valley and offers a variety of the best hostels. The place is peaceful, lovely, and close to Delhi. Jalori’s closest high mountain pass is barely 12 kilometers distant. The Jalori Pass is located at a height of more than 3000m. Banjar Valley is increasingly favored by many Delhi residents over a trip from Delhi to Manali.

Since my initial trip, which occurred in August 2019, I have returned several times and stayed in several of Jibhi’s top hostels. There aren’t many places to stay nearby, but the ones that are available are pricey. Hostels here are substantially more costly than backpacker hostels in Manali or, let’s say, hostels in Dharamshala that have far more crowds, while having a much lower number of visitors.

However, Jibhi hasn’t exactly made a name for itself as a cheap backpacking destination.

If you are a budget traveler, you might want to look at my blog on helpful budget travel advice for India since it could help you save more money when visiting Jibhi. 

More helpful advice may be found by reading these guidelines for obtaining inexpensive lodging in India:

  1. The untouched Himachal Pradesh is Jibhi!

To ensure that you stay at one of the top hostels in Jibhi, you should take the following factors into account while looking for a hostel:

  • Pricing: Because Jibhi hotels tend to be on the more expensive side, it’s crucial to be sure the price is reasonable. There is nothing inexpensive everywhere, although the hostels listed below provide good value.
  • Jibhi is a tiny town, however the hostels listed below provide a better location than those that aren’t.
  • Nearly all Jibhi backpacker hostels provide free WiFi. But make sure you do your research to locate the top hostels in Jibhi that meet your demands if you’re looking for more than just free WiFi.
  • Staff: The staff at the hostels on this list are welcoming. To have a positive experience, the hostel’s atmosphere and other guests are equally as important as the staff’s friendliness.
  • Even if you decide against staying at one of the top hostels in Jibhi listed below, always read reviews before making an online reservation. Make sure your location has friendly employees and nice amnesties! Your hostel may greatly enhance or detract from your trip.

2.Jibhi’s Best Hostels: The Hidden Burrow

The Secret Burrow is the first treehouse hostel in India and one of a kind, with tree branches and trunks going through the dorms and apartments. These treehouses are found in Jibhi, tucked away from the public on the sunny side of a hillside amid a few local residences. On the property of the hostel are also plum, apricot, walnut, and apple trees. For those who desire a relaxing vacation, the location is perfect. Consequently, the Hidden Burrow is ranked first on my list of the top hostels in Jibhi.

2.An overview of The Hidden Burrow:

Internal Hobbit cafe

First treehouse hostel in India

It takes around two minutes to get to the river.

Internal pool table, board games, and card games 500 INR for beds with nostalgia

Although only 500 meters from the city center, the Hostalgic is sufficiently removed from the crowd. The hostel has a built-in cafe with a set menu, although visitors are encouraged to inquire for items not on the menu. There are also several card games available, giving lone travelers a chance to socialize and meet friends.

If you’re a fan of yoga, The Nostalgic is among Jibhi’s top hostels. It hosts weekend night parties as well as regular yoga and meditation programs for its visitors.

a nice bistro inside

Weekend gatherings there

organic fruits that are freshly cultivated at home

Sessions of free yoga and meditation (if you are into Yoga, check my Sivananda Ashram blog that, according to me, is the best place to learn it across India).

Community service: where visitors may tutor nearby children and receive special prices from 300 INR for beds.

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