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    CharmHealth Brings Telehealth to Health Care

    Patient portals are one way CharmHealth is bringing telehealth to health care. The patient portal allows patients to make appointments, fill out pre-visit questionnaires and communicate with care team members securely. Mobile technology also brings patient information and resources closer to the point of service. With the help of native mobile applications, patients can now communicate with doctors, nurses and other care team members in real time. CharmHealth currently offers patient kiosks, appointment scheduling apps, and more. It is developing numerous other applications to meet the needs of patients.

    Smart Navigation

    CharmHealth has announced the launch of its Smart Navigation. The new platform enables users to navigate through the system using natural language commands. By simply saying the desired word, the system responds to the request and displays the information in the most efficient way. Smart Navigation is designed to make navigation a breeze for healthcare workers and providers alike. To learn more about CharmHealth Smart Navigation, visit our YouTube channel. The channel hosts both video tutorials and helpful tips for users.

    Designed to enhance navigation, the app includes natural language-based search and auto-complete for pre-defined commands. For example, typing in “list presc,” the system suggests a command based on the pattern entered by the user. Clicking this suggestion will select it. Smart Navigation also comes with an action-based dashboard that lists pending activities based on the role of the user. If the user has a schedule that needs to be followed, CharmHealth Smart Navigation will show them all.

    AI-enabled Appointment Bot

    With its AI-enabled appointment bot, CharmHealth has created a more personalized way for consumers to schedule their appointments. By providing a personalized experience, the bot can schedule appointments for a patient, schedule a test appointment, or even suggest an alternative appointment. The bot will also take the time to understand patient’s specific health conditions and recommend the best possible treatment. The AI-enabled appointment bot is available through the CharmHealth website, on mobile apps, and via email.

    The Charm Health AI-enabled appointment bot allows patients to book appointments by answering a series of questions, including how long they have been undergoing treatments. It can also suggest a provider based on the answers. The AI-enabled appointment bot can also streamline internal communications in a health organization. Charm integrates with digital scales and transmits vital signs to the EHR. This helps providers and patients to make better-informed decisions about their treatment plans.

    Integrations with immunization registries

    Currently, CharmHealth supports integration with several immunization registries, including CAIR and the Immunization Information System (IIS). A vaccination registry is an online database that stores patient immunization records. This tool helps medical practices stay current on immunizations and avoid under or over-immunization of patients. CAIR is free for registered users and has no fee for software, training, or help desk support.

    A charmhealth EHR has bi-directional integration with immunization registries. With this integration, clinicians can submit data electronically and maintain immunization records, track vaccination schedules, and submit secure messages. In addition to connecting to public immunization registries, CharmHealth has other features that make it useful for clinics of all sizes. The system has mobile apps to manage operations, and an integrated Sfax fax gateway for secure, HIPAA-compliant e-mails and faxes.

    Cloud-based platform

    A cloud-based solution, CharmHealth is a comprehensive suite of healthcare technology products. This includes Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management. It is used by independent clinics to help them manage the prescription process, such as controlled substances. It is integrated with Surescripts’ Real-Time Prescription Benefits solution, which helps providers provide transparency to patients regarding prescription costs and therapeutic alternatives. Ultimately, CharmHealth reduces the cost of prescriptions by reducing administrative burdens and increases efficiency.

    CharmHealth is an integrated cloud-based EHR management solution, offering HIPAA-compliant EHR and practice management features. It also features an integrated document management module. This allows users to upload and tag documents, simplifying access for staff. Moreover, it provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal for patient communications. CharmHealth offers several other features, including a physician-to-patient messaging service and an integrated electronic health record.

    Flexible pricing

    ChARM Health is a multidisciplinary digital launchpad for health professionals. Its free plan includes some useful features, such as integration with labs and customizable medical record templates. It also pre-populates 50 paper-based insurance claim forms per month, but no electronic claim support. In comparison, the paid plan includes more features, including unlimited encounters, priority customer service, and 2,000 appointment reminders. If you’re looking for a scalable, affordable health IT solution, CharmHealth has a variety of plans that can customize to your needs.

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    Charmhealth EHR features include unlimited practice licenses, unlimited users, and an enterprise plan with EHR, billing, and integrated patient portal. While the free plan has limitations, it’s ideal for solo practitioners and general practices. The paid plans include features such as E-prescriptions and patient portals, and support for billing profiles and telehealth services. CharmHealth also offers a free plan that is limited to a single provider.

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