top Social Media advertising groups for 2022

Due to the rapid growth of social networks in the past click here couple of years, it comes as no shock to learn that many agencies promote social media platforms. We’ve compiled an overview of the top social media companies within this piece.

1. New Jupiter Media

New Jupiter Media is a leading digital marketing agency that has been helping businesses of all sizes attain their goals in advertising through new strategies since. As experienced PPC experts, New Jupiter is filled with experts with years of experience helping companies of all sizes and sectors improve their performance-driven digital marketing systems.

New Jupiter Media offers services that include:

Paid Search and Social

Video ads

Remarketing and Retargeting

Banners for display

Analytics and Web Services

New Jupiter Media prides itself in delivering ROI-driven digital ad solutions. The company dedicates its friendly team to create lasting client relationships. Their clients include:

Large enterprise corporations

Mid-tier companies

Small-scale businesses and mom-and-pop stores

And everyone else between!

After more than a decade of digital marketing experience, New Jupiter’s team has gained knowledge and made meaningful connections. As a Google Certified Premier Partner and a Bing Ads Select Preferred Partner, New Jupiter’s staff regularly attends training sessions with our partners and participates in the most cutting-edge testing of ads before releasing them to the public.

The executives and account managers team is all certified with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and the Bing/Yahoo Ads network.

2. Socium Media

Social Media specializes in ROI-driven digital marketing backed by data derived from strategies developed through decades of experience. Based in New York City, Big Apple itself, New York City, Socium can manage individuals. Social doesn’t want to collaborate with anyone. They would like to collaborate with the appropriate people. This helps them deliver the most effective results from digital marketing that they are capable of to their customers.

The agency is a performance-first specialist in search engine marketing, such as paid social and optimizing search results. The ROI-driven digital marketing strategies are supported by extensive information and based on techniques that have been developed over decades of experience in digital marketing. The goal of designing PPC/SEM, Paid Social, and SEO campaigns are to increase the size of their client’s businesses.

What process helps Socium develop customized digital strategies specific to your company? They accomplish this by following three simple steps.

Find out first. Through a series of strategy calls, they will ask an array of carefully planned questions to understand your company better and the bottlenecks currently in your business.

Develop a strategy. Following the process, Socium Media executes a deep-dive analysis of the existing account, identifying new opportunities with their third tools and drawing on our experience in paid and SEO.

In the end, make sure you review and optimize. In real-time, fully-customized PPC and Paid Social SEO and PPC reports are created that directly relate to your company. From the beginning, we build, starting with reporting that provides complete visibility into our results.

What will this all end up in? A fully-customized PPC, Paid Social, or SEO strategy specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

3. Smirk New Media

Smirk New Media is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency that provides strategies, social, search, and other creative services. It is located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, and Smirk works to develop outstanding brands by using its expertise and creativity to content strategies that deliver results and attract audiences.

Smirk New Media offers incredible services to clients, such as:

Digital audits for business, such as digital solutions as well as corporate-specific training courses

Creative services, such as graphic design, branding, and motion design

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Content management for social media and marketing

Why do they get the name Smirk? Smirks are a crossroads between smiles and something a bit more serious. In social media, they are faced with absurdities: tweets poking, pings Snapchats, meet filters, and whatever idea came out of Mark Zuckerberg’s head this evening. But they’re also dedicated to making digital marketing an essential part of any business’s strategy to grow and attract more customers and have a more significant impact on the community it serves.

Smirk provides 360deg digital strategies that help brands go from concept to the real world. Smirk has worked with numerous brands and well-known companies of every size and sector.

One of the main reasons why so many brands and companies collaborate with Smirk is their long-lasting relationships with their customers. They consistently prove their worth with the quality of work they provide without the need to sign a severe contract. Smirk believes that signing a contract with any agency or any other type of agency should not be in a situation of hostage-taking. If clients decide to go in another direction, they will not be held accountable.

4. Online Optimism

Online Optimism is an online digital design and marketing agency with a nudge or two about looking at the bright aspect of things. Since its inception the agency in 2012, it has been devoted to helping companies throughout New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and around the nation grow through effective marketing both on and offline.

Online Optimism believes that its services will be the most efficient when its entire staff participates in the advertising campaign. Online Optimism is an SEO expert (search engine optimization (SEO) and website design as well as pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, graphics, social media marketing, and many more.

Their expertise and skills have led to the agency appearing on the internet on websites like the Huffington Post,, Social Media Today, Fox Business, and many more. From the beginning, Online Optimism has grown in terms of clients, employees, and the quality of coffee. They have grown into the company it is today. It comprises more than 12 Optimists operating in different cities throughout the U.S. with more than 100 organizations, as well as being involved in the launch of more than 35 websites.

If you work together with Online Optimism, We keep you informed by providing thorough reports, meetings, and other types of communication to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of our efforts. There is nothing more important than the value of a strong partnership between the agency and client to create a cohesive marketing strategy.

Online Optimism achieves the most effective results in your marketing budget to help you achieve your objectives with a data-driven method. Our expertise and research and the knowledge and experience of your business will allow us to deliver practical, long-lasting results.

Do you require a complete overhaul of your marketing or want to improve one aspect of your marketing, online Optimism can assist.

5. Ernst Media

Ernst Media is an agency that can manage both the organic and paid aspects of advertising on social networks. Ernst Media claims they are experts in using the audience targeting parameters that social media sites provide.

The agency handles clients of all kinds and sizes. They also manage all-inclusive Social Media Marketing campaigns.

They manage campaigns on all social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc. They can also assist you in managing your influencer campaigns on different social networks.

Here are the main offerings they offer:

6. Rainmakers

Rainmakers is a boutique media marketing company that uses data to provide clients with the highest outcomes from their marketing campaigns. They assist with managing social media, which includes both organic account operations and PPM management of social ads. They can also help you integrate your social media accounts into a comprehensive platform as an element of a complete content marketing strategy.

Over the past fifteen years, Rainmakers has managed many social media campaigns, assisting their clients in building brand recognition, valuable word-of-mouth exposure, and highly-targeted leads. Rainmakers have assisted clients in building strong connections and engaging with their intended audience.

Rainmakers are aware of how important social media can be in helping connect with your customers in real-time. This is particularly crucial in these uncertain times where your customers must be aware that you are there to support them.


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