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    Coffee vs Tea: Which is the healthier Option

    Coffee vs Tea

    Coffee vs Tea

    A cup of hot coffee in the morning! Wow! It takes away all stress from the mind. Yes, it does but one needs to see the effect as well. Today we will see which is the healthier option. Whether a cup of coffee or a cup of tea is better for your health. But before we discuss that, we want to inform you that we have more interesting contents like home décor, yoga, technology, fashion, tourism, food items, etc. on GotoAssignmentHelp platform. We also provide assignment services like case study help, homework help, essay help, dissertation help, help me with my assignment on more than 600+ subjects on GotoAssignmentHelp platform.

    Coming back to the topic, we already know that coffee and tea are the world’s most popular beverages. Black tea is the largest variant in terms of tea production and consumption. Both coffee and tea have similar health benefits but there are also some differences.

    The first is the Caffeine content. Caffeine is the most consumed stimulant in the world which is known for its benefits and adverse effects as well. The caffeine content depends on brewing time, preparation method, or serving size and coffee has twice the caffeine content than tea in an equal serving. One 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee contains an average of 95 mg of caffeine while tea has only 47 mg for the same serving. Caffeine intake reduces your risk of certain chronic diseases and improves mood and mental alertness. It improves your athletic performance and is a powerful stimulant for your central nervous system. A study also showed that people who drank liquid having caffeine content 75 or 150 mg had better improvements in reaction times, memory and information processing. It improves insulin sensitivity and thus reduces risk of type 2 diabetes.

    The second most important point is the richness of antioxidants. Both tea and coffee are loaded with antioxidants which contribute to their characteristic flavor and health-promoting properties. Black tea has theaflavins, thearubigins and catechins while coffee is rich in flavonoids and chlorogenic acid.

    A study discovered that theaflavins and thearubigins inhibited the growth of lung and colon cancer cells on the other hand coffee’s anticancer properties protects from gastrointestinal and liver cancer. Both coffee and tea also protect against different kinds of cancers like breast, colon, bladder, and rectum cancer. Polyphenols found in tea and coffee reduces the rate of heart disease and keeps the heart healthy.

    The third factor deals with their performance in energy levels: Both tea and coffee increase your energy levels but in different ways. For coffee, caffeine in it increases alertness and reduces fatigue by increasing dopamine levels and blocking adenosine. By blocking adenosine which is a sleep-promoting hormone, caffeine reduces tiredness in your body whereas dopamine increases your heart rate. Caffeine once ingested works within 15 minutes and thus works as an energy booster. Tea is lower in caffeine but it is rich in L-theanine which stimulates the brain. L-theanine provides an anti-stress effect which helps you calm down and relax. This helps you to maintain alertness, focus, attention and sharpness. Unlike coffee, tea gives you a soothing energy boost.

    Weight Loss Benefits:

    Coffee helps you to lose weight due to its high caffeine concentration. Coffee is associated with fat-burning properties by inhibiting the production of fat cells. On the other hand, tea polyphenols like theaflavin inhibits pancreatic lipase which plays a key role in fat metabolism.

    Which one is better?

    In the case of antioxidants, coffee and tea are both excellent sources of important compounds which protect from various diseases like heart diseases and cancers. Since coffee has a higher caffeine content than tea, it is an instant energy fix but it can cause anxiety and impaired sleep in sensitive people. So, if you find yourself highly sensitive to coffee, tea is suitable for you as L-theanine may relax you while keeping you alert. We hope that you have found your answer. So, if you want to read more content like these follow our website GotoAssignmentHelp. We are a leader in assignment writing, essay help, coursework help, case study help and many more. If you want assignment help in Abu Dhabi services, follow our page GotoAssignmentHelp and get high grades.


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