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    Facebook Glasses Now Work Like Phone Spy Camera App

    Last year, Facebook had developed a smart digital sunglasses. Global experts said that “Facebook Sunglasses” would prove to be a boon for smartphones. It would be operated with a simple eye gesture instead of a touch system. Whether it’s calling someone or receiving someone’s call or sending an e-mail on the Internet or texting or reading on WhatsApp, Instagram or any other application, or doing business conferencing, just point it out and then drive. Everything can be done while walking. There is no need for a SIM card in this technology. Because they will work on sunglasses, messenger. That is, Facebook’s smart sunglasses will limit the usage of mobile phones. They work like spy camera app, without the need to install the app!

    A report in the international journal TechCrunch stated that Facebook had been working on various hardware projects for five years to limit the usage of smart phones. Facebook wanted to capture the market by inventing innovative and software-designed digital sunglasses that are an alternative to mobile phones and smart devices.

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed that his business model will not be a revolving device or glass around the sale of expensive devices. Rather, it will be made cheaper. Because their mission is to serve as many people as possible. According to media reports, when we wear smart glasses equipped with Facebook’s augmented reality technology, a graphic display will appear in front of the eyes of the users.

    While the user would not only be able to make calls and listen with the help of it, but will also be able to do a lot with Live Stream and Facebook Power AI and will also be able to take pictures of beautiful views whenever he wants by turning on the camera without anyone knowing. And will be able to create and share videos.

    The first reports about the Facebook Digital Glass project came out in 2019. It was reported at the time that the code name for this smart sunglasses device was “Orion”. Interestingly, in the early stages, the founder of Facebook used the term “metaverse” for this smart device. Which has gained a lot of popularity among the people in recent times. In other words, these smart sunglasses will be the super glasses introduced by “Facebook”. After wearing them, there will be no need for smartphones.

    Designed by Facebook in association with the modern Ray-Ban brand, they’re worked with small cameras and microphones – what some might call spyware.

    The glasses, which are marketed as Ray-Ban Stories, might be activated with a gentle tap of the finger or a simple vocal command, such as “Hey Facebook, capture a video.” When recording is in progress, a pinprick of light – about the size of a poppy seed – at the side of the specs is the sole indication of what’s really going on. In regular light, it’s difficult to notice — and no one did. I’m a little creeped out.

    The spy-specs, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, represent a “milestone” on the way to fusing reality and the internet. He predicts that glasses like these will soon be outfitted with augmented reality, which involves presenting visual, auditory or other sensory information to the world in order to enhance one’s experience.

    The new generation of glasses, according to Zuckerberg, would unleash the full potential of the ‘metaverse,’ a weird – and widely promoted – digital environment that invites individuals to live out their private and professional lives on screen by displaying pictures from the web directly before their eyes.

    The forerunners, developed by companies such as Google and Snapchat, were deemed a flop due to their sci-fi aesthetic. Ray-Ban Stories are not the first smart glasses to enter the market, but the forerunners, developed by companies such as Google and Snapchat, were deemed a flop due to their sci-fi aesthetic. Wearers of Google Glass, for example, were mocked and labelled as “glassholes.”

    The Facebook View app, which is linked to the glasses, has only one page, which instructs the wearer to “respect people’s privacy.” It remains to be seen whether or not this friendly advise is heeded.

    ‘With any new technology, it’s vital to recognise that there will sadly be situations when individuals may look to exploit it irresponsibly,’ a Meta spokesperson conceded. We’ll continue to improve our privacy and security measures as technology advances.’ Rest assured this is a lot more than any phone spy camera app can do!


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