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    Full coded HTML sites

    Benefits over HTML over CMS like WordPress

    1. Load fast
    2. Update easy and fast normally
    3. Can make a site look very attractive easy
    4. Cheaper hosting costs in most cases

    When it comes to full HTML sites in most cases they load super fast since the code you use should work right as soon as you put into editor such as like Notepad++ because of this you can see the errors you make if any or get the site working quick overall and it allow you to connect a server to your website quick most of the time as well you can use Codelobster which can work great as well for more advanced things kind of like Dreamweaver before Gates wreaked it again.


    Update on full HTML is very simply just cope and paste in the update code or the right data into it should work or just type out what you need into such as like URL code or H1 tags among other options most should be able to get done by you quick fast in most cases.

    When you have the possible way to make a site look anyway from a simple blog to complex forum or videogame site or movie website or anything else having access to ways to program a site into making it look amazing is something which puts full coded years ahead of all WordPress for what you can do so well if you understand HTML and CSS and Javascript you can make anything happen so easy when you learn the right way to do tags or formating the site no limit what you can to do make your client happy with your work and since many people all around the world can’t do real website designing it can allow you to get paid more money some of the time as well which is very cool to me and many others in the earth.

    Hosting when using CMS can put your cost by a large amount for example it could cost you like $100 for CMS hosting but if your site was just straight code it could work from like $5 to like $25 very easy host wise which is something a lot of people don’t give enough thought just want a fast easy way to do things most the time which can be good or bad depending on some other facts 


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