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Designing a home is undoubtedly an exciting and overwhelming process. Although, making the right balance of functionalities and forms is a bit challenging. It is also vital to give importance to every small detail and the big picture for the best home interior design. Starting from appropriate furniture selection to picking an accurate color palette, at IDesign we have huge home interior decor ideas. Stay tuned with us to get inspiration for your dream home development.  

In the following, you will have different effective interior designing ideas for home-

  • Execute Architectural Quirks:

Avoid all drawing attention to any architectural oddity including ceiling beams. In order to eliminate these adversities, you should consider various beautiful wall paintings, or trim. In the hallway, you can also use the same architectural designs and colors.  

  • Go for Bold Colors:

We often think deep or bold colors could spoil the overall interior style of a room. But this conventional thought does not necessarily match the latest trend. Instead of using light colors most of the leading interior designing companies in the UAE suggesting to go bold. Bold colors look more attractive and gorgeous. 

  • Create A Masterpiece Mantel:

Mantles mostly looked old-fashioned and they took too much space at home. Rather than using the traditional old-looked mantel, you could try attracting a fireplace surround. Thus, it’s better to replace the mantel with a modern sculptural fireplace.     

  • Put Pattern on Pattern:

A common concept of most people is not to mix patterns one after one. However, this concept is gradually changing, and infusing prints and patterns together is now a trend. A combination of various patterns in different printed color shades on the sofa, cushions, or curtains can apply to increase the loveliness. So don’t be confused to mix these prints and patterns.  

  • Emphasize Your Location:

Location-based home interior decoration is also fashionable. If your home is in the center of the tall concrete jungle and you will miss nature very much. Here at IDesign, our professional designers can redeem your worry with stunning theme interior designs. Likewise, you can apply nautical references to your drawing room to flourish the seaside setting. Some fully hand-made paintings with sea wave designs can be portrayed through exclusive home interior design ideas. Apart from that, with the wall mural bedroom decoration, you can easily represent a sandstorm design for your bedroom.    

  • Increase Natural Light with Mirrors:

In your dining area or living room, we from IDesign always try to use a maximum number of mirrors. Do you want to know the reason behind using this many mirrors? We all know mirror reflects lights and a mirrored wall is useful for spreading natural light all around a room. It’s a kind of brightening process where your living room or dining area will look more bright and light. 

  • Stylish Shelves:

An excessive number of shelves may look cluttered in a room but they surely render a character to a room. Long large extended shelves all the way can change a room’s look but need to look stylish. Shelves mostly come in brown or wooden colors but you can use bright red, royal blue, or metal grey colors to make them eye-catching. Never mind, must apply open wall shelves for a modern look interior decoration. These shelves are also useful to showcase idols and figurines.       

  • Exclusive Architectural Shapes:

Arch designs are nowadays an exotic style statement for modern best home interior design. In IDesign, we suggest our clients make maximum arches in-home to create an impressive interior. Instead of brick walls, glass windows and a custom-made rounded sofa with contrasted color cushions is an apt interior. A cocktail table with a circular carpet on the floor you can keep inside the drawing-room for an elegant look.  This rounded shape seating space makes a comfortable seating and with that arch-shapes go perfectly.    

  • Enhance Functionality:

With spectacular home interior decors, we should not forget to utilize the space properly. According to expert designers, you can make small storage space for every staircase corner. Usually, these corners remain unused, and to increase functional spaces in your home you can put a shoe racker there. More you can create low roofs and wall almirahs for mostly unseen walls. These things will surely increase the overall functionality of your home.    

  • No Wall Windows:

Designers can decorate a home interior remarkably and according to those professionals, it’s better to keep no walls but windows. However, it does not mean all walls will be banished and there will be only glass windows. You need to pick up the window side wisely from where light and air will come more. Choose that part wall and replace it with glass windows to make proper ventilation inside the home. 

  • Use a Bright Carpet:

A broad and bright look carpet or rug is enough to produce a light glamorous design for your home interior. However, it is important to remember we should pick a dark color carpet for the drawing-room. If we use light-colored carpet there then it will look dirty after frequently come-and-go of guests.   

  • Beautiful Wall Gallery:

Are you are fond of white or light decent colors? If yes then let your white wall be white but you can make that more eye-catching with a creative gallery. A collection of adorable artworks in various shaped frames make your drawing and living room more bright and gracious. You can hang up bold aesthetic paintings and abstract design frames on your white color walls.

  • Apply Color on Floor:

Inside your glass house, a complete sky blue color flooring brings an amazing ocean look. Besides that, you can also use bright color rugs with contrasting deep color furniture to give your home interior a brighter look.   

  • Vibrant Small Spaces:

Graphical and floral prints have a huge impact to bring out the beauty of small spaces inside the home. All famous interior designing companies in the UAE use different bold colors to make the little space vibrant.  


While ending up the discussion, we may conclude that a round of home interior design ideas is remaining. However, you need to apply those interior design ideas that will match your taste and home interior. 

By Mr Stew

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