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How Is the Rudn Enclave Becoming a Best Society in Town?

A trademark of contemporary infrastructure, cutting-edge architecture, and service-oriented real estate projects is the Rudn Enclave. The developers of this housing community are utilizing national and international skills and expertise and providing elegant, world-class, and luxurious living experiences to the residents. It is a place in the twin city where you experience an extravagant and modern lifestyle within a community surrounded by lush green views.

It is a place where technology, serenity, and nature all foster a smart and peaceful living community. The project of Rudn Enclave is under the supervision of NESPAK in a joint venture with developers RMRSCO. It means that this mega project is in the hands of two major entities in the real estate industry. This article will discuss why Rudn Enclave is the best place to live. So, let’s move toward our main topic of discussion.

Rudn Enclave Location

Rudn Enclave is a legitimate real estate project in the twin city. It is known to be a gated community that is ideally located adjacent to the Rawalpindi Ring Road. In addition, the newly formed Rawalpindi Ring Road is adjacent to the Rudn Enclave gate 1. The location of this secure community is ideal and allows easy access to the main landmarks of the society.

Whether you want to visit hospitals, commercial zones, recreational sports, residential areas, or other educational facilities, society offers you the easiest access. The community enjoys a strategic location on Adiyala Road in Islamabad, Lahore, CPEC Route, and M2 Motorway.

The accessibility to the other main localities is easy because it is about a 40-50 minutes’ drive from the Grand Trunk Road and National Highway N5. The distance to Bahria Town Rawalpindi is 31 minutes, from Saddar, it is 48 minutes, and from Rawat Chakbeli, it is a distance of 24 minutes drive. In addition, the distance of Islamabad farmhouses from the society is 9.8 KM.

Rudn Enclave Features & Facilities

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is the best housing society to invest in and to live in. There are many reasons behind it, such as the location, facilities and amenities, features, NOC status, main natural landmarks, water bodies, and many other things. Rudn Enclave Features & Facilities are beyond expectations and comparison. The list of facilities in this residential housing society is very large. A few of these features and facilities are mentioned here:

Mosque and Educational Institutes

In a Muslim country like Pakistan, most people prefer a housing society where they can enjoy world-class luxuries and perform their religious duties without any hassle. So, the developers of Rudn Enclave have ensured that there will be mosques in each block of the society. In addition, the Rudn Enclave developers also focus on providing basic education to all residents.

So, they have included schools, colleges, and universities in the Rudn Enclave master plan so that the residents can easily access basic education. In educational institutes, highly expert and qualified teachers serve and teach the students.

Healthcare facilities

The next essential thing in society is healthcare facilities. These facilities are essential for everyone if individuals want to enjoy all the other luxuries in their life. So, the management has ensured that the society’s residents get all the facilities. In addition, the facilities should be available for 24 hours and seven days. The availability of good education and health care facilities makes a society prosperous and attracts more investors.

Parks and Carpeted roads

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle in society, the developers have designed the master plan of Rudn Enclave to include multiple parks. It is common that when a person stays closer to nature, life expectancy increases. In addition, the person feels more alive. So, Rudn Enclave helps the residents to enjoy the natural beauty and greenery. Rudn Enclave Executive Block is also designed with all the facilities and amenities that the residents need to live a luxurious life.

Moreover, to ensure the security of the residents, 24/7 surveillance will be provided. Guards will be on the gate, and CCTV cameras will be installed that ensure the residents living in the society are getting all the basic facilities. In addition, carpeting work on various roads has also been completed, including service roads and main roads.

NOC Status

The latest news about the Rudn Enclave NOC is that RDA has approved the NOC of the society. Earlier, the developers applied for the NOC, and its status was pending. But now Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the No Objection Certificate of this housing society which means that now the society has legal rights for any development work. It means now, the investments in the housing society are safe, and investors can get a high return on their investments.

Rudn Enclave Payment Plan

Last but not least, you need to consider the payment plan of the residential housing society. There are various blocks in the scheme that offer various plots. Plots of different sizes are available in the scheme, which investors can buy according to their budget and demand. The developers want all the citizens of this country to get the best facilities and amenities. 

In addition, the payment plan is designed to consider middle-class investors so that even low-income investors can purchase the plot with all the basic amenities and facilities.

Concluding Note

In the article, we have discussed how Rudn Enclave is becoming the best housing society in Rawalpindi and how it is helping investors to get a high return on their investments. We have also discussed how the location of this society is ideal, just like the Blue World City Location. So, if you are one of the potential investors, we will suggest you invest in the Rudn Enclave.

The best reason to invest in this housing society is that it features the best natural amenities and is in the vicinity of the Jawa and Khasala dams. So, we strongly suggest that, if you are a nature lover, don’t miss this opportunity to invest in this housing scheme.

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