For the retail trade, after two years in which sales dropped, 2021 emerged with new possibilities in the market in such a way that it proved to be a true milestone with a growth of 26.9% compared to the previous year, more precisely $161 billion sold by e-commerce!

On important dates in USA (Mother’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.), the companies that stayed ahead were those that were preparing to have their business in the digital environment, aligned with e-commerce strategies.

How has your business been developing during the first half of 2022? Is it ready for digital sales and the constant increase in profit through e-commerce platforms? I came here today to give you some suggestions on how to further align your business with this increasingly relevant format so that you can sell more and keep your brand thriving!

Put creativity to play

New campaigns are produced all the time and every year you can see that creativity is what counts! Aligning yourself with the narratives discussed by different audiences in a more in-depth and serious way, makes you show the values ​​that your company values, and also proposes new discussions regarding current affairs.

As an example, this year’s Mothers Days campaign raised the hashtag #MothersDay, and encouraged us to judge American mothers less and less as a collective, going against the stereotype and making us rethink the role of women.

planning is everything

The most important campaigns for e-commerce are those that sell the most, so they are the ones that most require organization so that they are fully aligned with financial goals. It is necessary to organize yourself in the best possible way: the promotions that your business will make, which products will be part of this promotion, the online and offline actions that will be applied, in addition to the necessary materials and the dissemination for this action.

Get found with SEO

SEO is always welcome to help not only in your sales, but also to organize your website, transforming it into positive numbers for conversion rates, as your customer will have a good experience there.

And all you want is for your customer to have a great experience, right?

With the development of this tool, it is also possible to optimize the images used on your website, fixing the images of your products in Google searches!

Embrace your business story

On your website, you need to invest in a visual identity that exudes everything your brand is. The colors, typography, symbols, narrative and even scents say what your business wants in the market . Actions in campaigns must also be consistent with this language so that they can express what advantages are coming. But other than that, having a totally aligned management in your brand makes your customers never forget about you and what your business provides.

Talk to whoever wants to read you

To keep your website active and moving, in addition to promotions, you can create a link with your customers in the form of posts on your blog, like what I’m doing now. At Blogger Cage, we research the most relevant subjects, so that we can solve doubts and bring you valuable content! Thus, we offer experience in the subject for those who are still looking for a reference in the area and we understand what their main doubts are.

Why do email marketing?

Last but not least, E-mail Marketing is a very valuable tool in closing sales! It’s extremely personal, with it you create a relationship with your customers! Linked to the blog post we mentioned above, you can also offer this content by email, as long as there was this post, talk about topics that your business focuses on to show that your brand is made by humans. Always remembering to align the narrative and visual identity.

Want more?

Now that you are a little more familiar with how to keep your e-commerce flying, do you want to understand the specific improvements for your business?

At Blogger Cage, we do an end-to-end analysis of all the data that your website shows in the reports, which means that we are dedicated together to serve and help you develop creative actions that allow you to create a relationship with your customers, maintain align yourself with your story and don’t be forgotten with content for email, social media, inbound marketing and other tools that bring your brand solidity in the market. In our consultancy you can ask questions and understand the best strategies for your brand. Come with us and digitally transform your e-commerce!

By Mr Stew

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