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    How to sell an apartment fast: learn to optimize this process

    Understand the importance of getting the price of your constructed  property right and check out 4 good tips to sell your apartment quickly and without complications!

    The process of buying and selling real estate has two main ends: the seller (owner) and the buyer (future owner). As it involves a meeting between parties who usually do not know each other and then negotiations and a contract, it takes, on average, a year and a half in Brazil, according to Loft data.

    Many people, however, would like to hurry up. And this is possible!

    How to sell a property fast: get the price right

    So you want to sell property fast. The first and most important step is to get the pricing right , that is, to align your expectations with the reality of the market. “Speed ​​and price are the two variables in this equation”, says Felipe Procópio, from the Loft closers team. 

    If the price is far above the market, which is often the case, proposals may not arrive or, when they do, frustrate the owner. And it’s no use insisting that that renovation you loved doing so much should be worth more than it, in fact, is. 

    The sale value of an apartment depends on:

    1. Location
    2. State of conservation of the building and leisure areas
    3. State of conservation of the property 

    And how to find it? For starters, Felipe suggests researching and seeking market information. “Ask in the building for what values ​​they are selling an apartment and also for how much they actually sold.”

    In general, Felipe’s advice is as follows: “ Detach from the emotional part to be a little more rational”.

    For those who are in a hurry and are not seeing results even with good pricing, there are alternatives. “You can set a deadline: If the apartment doesn’t sell for up to X in six months, I’ll adjust the price” , suggests Felipe.

    Another way is to ask for the professional evaluation of realtors and real estate agents. 

    In addition to our brokers and real estate partners, Loft facilitates the entire process for those looking to sell the apartment, allowing you to understand the value for which you are selling your property through technology and market data. And if you want to advertise it on our website that receives more than 1 million visits per month, we also provide a complete publicity kit with professional photos, 3D virtual tour, property plan and the possibility of online visitation to attract the attention of buyers and help you sell much faster.

    4 tips to sell property fast

    What to do to sell a property: have the documentation up to date

    Most real estate transactions that fail when there is already an interested buyer have one thing in common: problems with documentation. Therefore, Felipe suggests that you check if they are already up to date : 

    • Your property registration: if you paid off a loan or changed your marital status, for example, you need to update it
    • The documents of your company(ies), if any
    • Your personal documents: keep RG and CPF are easily accessible

    If you have other open points, such as debt and legal issues, expedite solutions. If that’s not possible, at least start the process so you can reassure potential stakeholders.

    Calculate your future before the quick sale of the property

    Suppose you are looking to sell the property quickly to pay off a pressing debt and, with the rest, buy another home. It is possible that, in order to close the deal quickly, you need to negotiate the price. 

    For everything to go well, calculate your limit : how much does the debt or similar that you need to pay cost and how much does this other property (or part of it, if you are going to finance it) cost? Add both values. This is your foundation: make your discounts, prioritizations and negotiations with it in mind.

    Do not write “urgent sale”

    You know those ads hanging on the streets with the words “I’m selling urgent apartment” printed? Avoid this approach. “If the person needs the money and is willing to negotiate the value of the apartment, it is better to say that ‘I accept to negotiate value ‘” , says Felipe.

    The reason for not writing these things is simple: when you read an ad like this, many people think that there must be some big problem involved, either with the documentation or the apartment itself. 

    Confirm your sense of urgency

    Suppose your rush doesn’t come from an urgent bill, but from a desire to seize an opportunity, like a perfect apartment that suddenly popped up. This desire can make you earn less on your sale for a reason that is not so urgent.

    “Think about how much it is worth waiting a little longer to sell for a value closer to the market versus how much it is worth accepting a proposal that is asking for a mega discount so you can invest in another property” , says Felipe.

    “Even if you want to sell property fast so you don’t miss a business opportunity, try to run less. Just because you lost a good deal doesn’t mean you won’t find another one” , he continues.

    How to sell a property faster with Loft

    With Loft, you won’t need sympathy to sell property fast. You can advertise on our platform that offers complete ads, pricing assistance and legal support if necessary so you can make your sale in the best way.


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