It provides similar features to TikTok and has made Instagram more like TikTok since it launched. Due to TikTok’s prevalent popularity, Instagram introduced short video format reels. Users can combine multiple video clips, add effects, and listen to Music comprised in Reels. Unlike Stories, Reels appear in the Explore tab and search results.

Instagram Reels are far more likely to be viewed by non-followers than Instagram Stories. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide.

Make the necessary adjustments

Your mobile device must already have Instagram installed. To begin, you must open the app. Using one of two methods, you can upload a video to Instagram as a reel. Using the format to distribute an already recorded video is the easiest and most basic method. To do so, click the camera roll button in the lower left corner (see step four below). Alternatively, you can capture a video directly in Instagram Reels.

Making the final video shorter is possible, but it should not exceed 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 90 minutes. Additionally, you may select a replay speed between 1X and 5X, allowing more material to be included in the allocated time. A layout can also be selected. By default, you will have room for a single 9:16 video; however, you may modify the arrangement to display several videos simultaneously.

The stars icon will open the effects option at the bottom of the screen. In addition to sparkles and glitter, you will find colors, glitches, voice changers, Snapchat-like 3D masks, and other novelty effects. Touching the screen will reveal more choices in smaller circles. You can only clip film and add text, filters, and stickers once the video has been edited.

By using Dual, the most recent addition to Instagram Reels configuration settings, you can create a Reel that simultaneously utilizes your front and back cameras. You can use this technique to create response videos or blog-like content in which you describe the scene captured by your phone’s main camera while recording yourself using your phone’s selfie camera.

Music or audio add on

Click the music button to add audio from the app to your Reel. This will open the search options where you can enter an artist’s name or song. You may also scroll down to explore by genre or by regionally popular audio. By clicking on the piece, the audio will begin to play, and you may select a clip by scrolling at the bottom of the screen.

If the song contains lyrics, the scroll function will highlight the lyrics from the beginning of the chosen clip, although the Music usually begins before the lyrics. You may also include audio from other reels in your audio mix. In the lower-left corner, click the name of the audio file you wish to sample after finding and opening the Reel you wish to sample.

Click on Save Audio to display all the reels containing the specified audio file. Your recorded Reel can be found in the saved area of your audio search options.

Make a video recording

Set a three-second timer by clicking the stopwatch symbol, then click the Record button to begin recording your Reel.

It is possible to record as much video as you wish until the time limit is reached. Again clicking on the record button will end up your recording session. Click to go back and cut (or erase) the recording.

When you have shot your first video, an alignment tool will appear on the left of your screen. This displays an overlay of your previous video so that you can align the picture for a smooth transition when you begin recording again. In this manner, the famous Reel films can be created with smooth transitions and stop-motion effects.

For those with too much shadow and needing a cost-effective method of lighting Instagram reels, TikTok reels, and more, check out our guide on the best ring lights for Instagram reels, TikTok, and more.

A work-in-progress can be stored in Drafts and returned later if you click > until you reach the final sharing box.

Upload video

If you do not want Reels’ editing capabilities but wish to take advantage of the format’s potential reach, you may upload already-created videos. The bottom-left corner of TikTok displays a picture of your camera roll, allowing you to select a video from your smartphone. Video created outside of Reels must be in portrait format (9:16). Music and effects cannot be added to the film in Reels.

Text and stickers addition

From the screen, you can add text, stickers, and filters. The interface and typefaces are nearly identical to Instagram Stories. Among the most distinguishing features is the ability to control when text appears and disappears. This functionality permits the creation of text narratives for tutorials, work-in-progress videos, and video listicles.

Add a caption and tags

You may download your Reel to your smartphone for use elsewhere by clicking the download icon in the top-center. Instagram, unlike TikTok, will remove any third-party audio from downloaded videos.

On the next screen, click >. The caption you enter here will appear in the bottom-left corner of your Reel. If you toggle ‘Also share in feed,’ the caption will also appear on your Instagram feed.

Using mention tags and hashtags in your description can increase your Reel’s exposure on Instagram.

Share your content

Alternatively, click Cover to select the portion of the video you would like to use as your profile’s Cover, then click Share. A Reel may be included on the Explore tab if you have a public Instagram account. If you do not deactivate comments, others can comment on them.

With the Remix option, users can now utilize your Reel independently (unless they have opted out). Users can respond to a reel by recording their perspective along with it.

The ability to allow public remixing of your Reel can be activated or unchecked in Settings. Please note that regular Instagram posts are now included in this functionality. All public posts can be added to your Reel unless the person has deactivated the feature.

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