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    Know about the best Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

    Nowadays, advancement in technology saves people time. But it has some cons too. Earlier, we used to play outside with our friends and spend time with our family. At that time, people were very active and had fewer physical and mental problems. Or, in simpler terms, you are less prone to diseases. The simple logic behind the fact that we were involved in physical exercises like playing outdoor games, swimming, etc. No doubt there were video games too, but they were not very popular. We used to have traditional video games that we set up on the television. And later they were connected to the computer. But, Todaytoday, these are available online. There are a lot of websites that offer thousands of video games to users. And currently, video games are available for our smartphone version to make them even more friendly.

    Additionally, some devices, like the PlayStation, allow the users to play video games on it. Usually, developers allow Xbox or PlayStation versions of video games. In that case, users with these devices can get access to the game. Thus, Todaytoday, we will discuss one such video game, Fallout: New Vegas, along with Fallout New Vegas Console Commands. So, without any more outlying, let us dive together!!

    Road to get the information about Fallout: New Vegas

    To begin with, Fallout: New Vegas is a video game in which the user controls the game’s character in an imaginary world. Or in simpler terms, it is popularly known as a role-playing action game. The video game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and produced by Bethesda Softworks on October 19, 2010. To the reader’s knowledge, The released date of the fallout: New Vegas, was announced in the fourth month of 2009. Moreover, the game supports Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. This means the players using the previously mentioned devices or software versions can get access to the game.

    When it is about the gameplay of Fallout: New Vegas, the game is set in a post oracular bare-world environment surrounded by the area which consists of Nevada, Arizona, and California. Using the Atomic Age technology, developers set the game world that diverges onto the secondary timeline. As a result, it led to a worldwide global nuclear apocalypse known as “The Great War” in 2077. The war was caused by the huge conflicts over natural resources between China and the United States 

    In the game, the player controls the game character known as Courier. It transports the package to New Vegas City through the Mojave Desert. The gameplay character is robbed, ambushed, shot, and then buried in the graveyard. Then, the character is dug out from it and recovers from its wound. And that particular moment, the Courier’s journey starts to find the killer and recover the robbed package. During the journey, Courier makes enemies and friends among the combative sides. And finally, it is caught between conflicts, eventually leading to the situation of who will control Mojave Wasteland and New Vegas.

    Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands

    Before knowing the console commands in Fallout: New Vegas, first know the use of Console Commands. Thus, to the reader’s knowledge, console commands are used for debugging available for PC players. Or in other words, it is a debugging tool that adds a huge range of functions to the game. Moreover, it is also used to cheat and work around bugs in the game. Thus, to initiate the console, tap tilde (~) or backquote (`). Both keys have similar functions, but the difference is whether you use a British keyboard or American English Keyboard. After pressing the key, you will witness that the game is paused, UI disappeared, and a cursor will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen. There, you type the command and tap enter. You will see the pop-up notification which describes what the cheat code did but not every time. Then Press the (~) key. 

    For the readers, a List of Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands are mentioned below:

    tfc — Activation and deactivation of the free camera 

    tcl —let you move like a ghost.

    I’m — Switching off and on between Menus and UI 

    Killall — All animals and NPCs die in the vicinity 

    tgm — The god mode of the game. Abundance health, limitless encumbrance, and ammo

    tmm 1 — the code adds the markers to your map. You can remove it by pressing zero 

    tdm — It is slightly different from God Mode. Here there is no ammo. Rest is infinite.

    Set timescale to <#>  — The code is responsible for slowing down, speeding up the time whose default value is thirty.


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