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    9 Tips For Landing Page Content Writing

    In a market that is competitive, every sale counts. The landing page content writing that you create can assist in helping draw more customers and establish stronger relationships with your audience. In actual fact, Hubspot research has shown that when businesses expand their landing page number between 10 and 15, they experience an increase of 55% in leads.

    Like any other marketing plan, quality is over quantity as described by the leading digital marketing experts. To make your landing pages successful, they must convince and engage. Learn how to create landing page content that captivates customers and creates a bond that can lead to sales. So here in this guide, you will learn top 9 tips for landing page content writing so that your page may convert well in SERP.

    What Is a Landing Page?

    The term “landing page” refers to a standalone website created to promote a particular marketing campaign. Users “land” on it after clicking through from a different message, such as an advertisement on social media or email or blog article.

    In the event that the website has done what it is supposed to, then it takes visitors one step closer to making a purchase. This is where the quality of content can help.

    What Makes Good Content for a Landing Page?

    The landing pages are based on a specific type of content known as copy. Content is anything that’s creative that brands employ to communicate to their audience. Blog posts are content. The same is true for viral videos. It entertains, educates or even informs.

    Copy is a persuasive piece of content. Visitors go to a landing site when an advertisement or content piques their interest. The goal of the landing page is to entice that curiosity and persuade the user to take a specific step. It could be buying something or a purchase, but it could be an alternative step on the best way to buy -for example, the sign-up for an email list or an inquiry to learn more.

    In order to prepare the reader to take the next step, the landing pages must have content that is user-friendly and attractive for landing page content writing.

    How to Write Landing Pages Content That Converts

    There’s no single rule for writing the perfect landing page. It’s all about understanding your target audience while also being authentic and helping them overcome a challenge.

    With this goal in your head, write your landing page copy exactly the way you write every other piece, taking each step one at a time.

    1. Create Skimmable Content

    The content structure of landing pages should be easy to see and easy to comprehend. As with any other user on the web, visitors to landing pages glance at the page before reading it in depth. Keep their attention with:

    • A headline and subheadings that encourages readers to read on
    • Titles with descriptive descriptions to separate sections
    • Brief paragraphs (no more than three or four lines of text)
    • Bulleted lists that highlight the advantages
    • A lot of photos with captivating captions

    If you can grab the readers’ attention through easily skimmable content, it is more likely that they will be able to hear your message.

    2. Make Content Conversational

    It can be especially challenging when you write long and more journalistic content. Sales copy is more clear as if you’re directly speaking to your customer.

    You can achieve this effect by writing the way you speak. Use:

    • Short sentences
    • Simple words (without speaking down at the person reading)
    • Expressions for conversation, such as “Hang on” and “Check this out.”
    • A lot of “you” language, with some “I” and “We” scattered throughout.
    • Humour (if it is in line with the brand)
    • A grammar that is not in line with any rules (if it is more natural)

    It’s true that you may break grammar rules when it’s appropriate for your writing. The sentence should begin by using “but.” Utilize sentences that are fragmented. It’s not an academic journal. Do not twist your sentences in order to be perfectly grammatically correct.

    Listen to your writing out loud. If you can hear it sound natural, then you’re on the right path.

    3. Create Personal Connections

    Keep in mind that a landing page is a part of a particular marketing campaign. The content on your landing page should be relevant to the campaign’s intended people.

    For instance, if developing web pages to promote a service, You could create separate campaigns for clients of agencies and writers who are interested in becoming. The landing page content writing on your page would highlight the different advantages for each group, including savings over in-house writers, for instance, as well as competitive pay and flexible hours for the next. Your page would have different goals and utilize a specific language to persuade them.

    Knowing who your audience is is essential in making these choices. Before writing one word, take the time to know who your audience is. Find out what they are:

    • Demographics (age, gender, gender, the status of the family, Income, etc.)
    • Pain points
    • Values
    • Motives to buy

    A past successful copy can be a valuable source. Examine campaigns that have produced amazing results for your business as well, and if it is possible, you can use them for your specific type of product. Examine its tone and the message. What did the writer say to the reader? What were the selling factors they focused on? It’s also beneficial to have conversations with people who are directly in contact with sales and marketing experts.

    Create an individual user profile for the group of people. Imagine a person who has all the traits you’ve discovered. For example, your advertisement could be directed at Hannah, her mother of 32 years, who would like to work for herself so that she can be in her home with her infant.

    The more specific your persona is, the more precise your character is. Make use of a template to be sure that you’re not missing any details, and then write like you’re in contact with the person. How can you convince them to follow through with the next step?

    4. Craft a Compelling Headline

    Since internet users are more likely to scan your text, make sure you grab their attention immediately with an outstanding headline. If they don’t, they’ll return to doing what they did prior to clicking on your advertisement.

    The most effective headlines for landing pages are a delicate balance. They’re engaging without being clickbait. They’re entertaining and engaging without being boring. And they do it all in the shortest amount of words.

    That’s the beauty of a good copywriter to enhance SEO. It is important to think about two things:

    • What will catch the attention of this reader?
    • What are they required to know how to avoid missing out?

    If you are stuck, you can think of the primary headline formats for copywriting:

    • The pain point and the solution: Get Better Sleep Tonight By Taking This Organic Herb
    • Why it Works: Why a Fitness Tracker Helps You Lose Weight.
    • Make use of your research into your audience to develop the most compelling opener.

    5. Don’t Bury the Lede

    The visitors to the landing page aren’t ready to commit. You’ve enticed them with an outstanding ad or a compelling article. However, they’re still not convinced yet. If the first few paragraphs on your page entice them, they’ll return to whatever was going on prior to clicking on your advertisement.

    The most classic journalistic rule: Do not conceal the important “hook” of your story. In the event that you do, readers will be bored before they get to it.

    A headline for your headline will be the primary way to draw the attention of your readers. Then, follow that with a captivating subheading that draws attention to your most important points.

    Do you have research which proves the value of your product or an amazing testimonial from a customer? Subheadings are a fantastic spot to showcase that. It will keep the important information “above the fold” -that is, the portion of your website that you view without scrolling.

    The second most important thing is to start with your body copy. This should include everything that is under the headline as well as above your call-to-action. (More about that later.) Make sure you include all the important details in your headlines as well as the first sentence of every paragraph since this is what people will be most likely to read first.

    6. Frame Features as Benefits

    The consumers aren’t searching for an item. They’re seeking a specific result. A person who buys skin care products isn’t searching for Vitamin C or retinol. They want smooth, wrinkle-free skin. A business owner doesn’t need to be concerned about the specifications of the customer management system. They want a product which will attract their customers and increase sales.

    The first type of instance is a function — something that a product or service could do. The second type of example is an advantage, or what the feature can do for the user.

    If you’re mentioning an attribute, explain the benefits instead. For instance, if advertising a pair of premium headphones, the feature could include:

    Active noise cancellation that detects background sound and eliminates it

    Instead, you can try this:

    You’ll feel like there’s nobody in the world with a 90% reduction in noise. Imagine that your visitor is always asking, “What’s in it for me?” 

    7. Add Details

    Specificity is always more persuasive than generality. Take two examples:

    • We’ve assisted millions of people in increasing conversion rates
    • 6.3 million customers, with an average increase in conversion of 4.8 per cent

    The second option is more convincing due to the fact that it’s specific. Anybody can claim that the item “increases conversions” or gets “millions” of customers. However, not everyone can boast of concrete results like “6.3 million customers” and the 4.8 per cent increase in conversion.

    Utilize numbers whenever you want, but make sure they are based on real information. False claims in advertising could cost a business thousands of dollars, particularly when your claims are related to finances or health.

    8. Use Testimonials

    According to Wyzowl, the majority of customers trust other clients’ reviews of a company more than the self-reports of the business. Make sure you are able to build trust by including testimonials on your landing pages whenever you can.

    Testimonials give your visitors a glimpse of their own successes. It is possible to imagine yourself in the shoes of a different customer, looking at a new product and hoping that it will provide the features they require. The testimonial also reminds customers that they don’t need to “take your word for it.” Someone similar to them has tried and loved the product.

    Find testimonials from customers by either asking them directly or using reviews on the internet. Look through sites such as Google My Business and Yelp and specific sites for your industry like G2 for technology or Tripadvisor to review hospitality. If you come across a review that is glowing but does not fit the landing page content writing you’re on, keep it in mind for a later time.

    9. Include a Specific Call to Action

    Unexperienced copywriters think that when they’ve reached the end of writing the body copy, they will add a short “buy now” or “sign up now” and leave it at that. However, if you want great outcomes, you need to go deeper.

    “Buy now” is what marketers call a fundamental”buy now” (CTA). It communicates what you want your readers to do; however, it’s not very appealing. It doesn’t provide the reader with what they’ll gain from doing something.

    Replace your standard CTA with a custom one, and you’ll receive an increase of up to 20% in visitors, according to research released by HubSpot. A custom CTA is targeted at the person who is reading your message. It also highlights those crucial benefits to users.

    A few examples of convincing CTAs include:

    • Download your SEO-free guide today.
    • Now is the time to place your order to receive 20% off.
    • Join our email list and receive a coupon for $10.

    Take into consideration where the visitors are coming from, particularly with regard to your sales funnel required for landing page content writing. Anyone who has just learned about your product is less likely to be ready to make a commitment. Inspire them to sign up with a low-risk CTA such as “download” or “sign up.”

    If you want to get your leads to the bottom of your funnel, you can try CTAs such as “order for $X off” or “try free for X days.”

    A well-written CTA will kick the page’s landing point into the top velocity. If you are able, test several different variations to determine which one gets the most response from your audience. The variation in conversion rates is well worth the effort.

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