Loans for state employees are specifically designed to offer financing solutions for the needs of public employees and are the result of agreements. In addition to the classic finalized or personal loans, public employees can enjoy a wider choice in terms of loans, thanks to the existence of these specific loans intended directly for those who work in the state.

Any public employee can access loans for state employees, obtaining far more advantageous conditions than those employed in the private sector.

Who can access government employee loans?

The category of state employees includes anyone who works for the public administration, central or peripheral. Therefore, the following are included among state employees:

  • public or para-public employees
  • employees of local authorities
  • state and ministerial employees registered in the NoiPA service
  • police and military employees
  • public sector teachers, doctors, and health personnel.

Specifically, the requirements for accessing this form of financing are:

  • be resident in Italy
  • have a demonstrable source of income
  • be between 18 and 75 years of age, or 89 when the plan expires (for loans disbursed through the assignment of the fifth)

How do apply for a loan for government employees?

First of all, to get the amount you need, you need to have some documents at hand in order to proceed with the request. Namely: identity document and health card, salary certificate signed by the administration,

last paycheck, and last CUD. At this point, you can fill out the online form on the PrestitiFaidate. website and follow a few simple steps.

Then enter the amount you need, select the job category to which you belong, and fill in the information regarding the type of contract, the date of hire, the number of monthly payments received, and the net monthly income. In the last step, enter your data (name, surname, and province) and your contacts (telephone number and email). At this point, you can send your request and check the feasibility of the loan.

After filling out the form, you will get the result of your loan Proceed request within an hour. At this point, if the outcome is positive, take a photo of your identity document and your pay slip (or your pay slip) making sure that everything is legible, and send it on WhatsApp in complete safety. A specialized professional will contact you shortly for your free video consultation. In this way, you receive your loan safe, fast and convenient.

What are the benefits of government employee loans?

Let’s see in detail what are all the advantages that PrestitiFaidate. is reserved for those who request a loan.

100% online

The entire procedure takes place online easily and conveniently. Comfortably from your sofa, on the beach on vacation, or from anywhere you want, you can easily request immediate additional liquidity, without having to show proof of expense or reasons. In a few steps you receive your loan and you can carry out all the projects you have always postponed.

Zero management costs

The entirely online procedure allows you to save money: are you wondering why? Thanks to the do-it-yourself formula, you eliminate management costs, limiting the burdens for practices as much as possible. Just fill out the form with all the requested data, send the documents via Whatsapp and wait for the outcome of the request to immediately get what you need.

One hour is enough

You don’t have to wait days or even months to find out if your application has been accepted and receive the liquidity you need. It only takes an hour and you immediately get your loan approved. A professional consultant will follow you step by step along with all the phases of the investigation, creating your customized and above all flexible financing plan. You will not have to think about anything else and you can live in freedom and always be serene.

Fixed-rate at 3.58%

If all the benefits seen so far were not enough, if you are a retiree or a civil servant, the interest rate remains low and fixed throughout the loan amortization period. You also have the option to pay off the debt early and benefit from the recovery with an allowance for unpaid interest.

Total confidentiality

Privacy is another key aspect. The financing opportunities of PrestitiFaidate. are safe, and comfortable, and respect your privacy. You do not need to communicate expense receipts or reasons why you need the requested amount, just fill out the form and have your pension slip or pay slip at hand to get the liquidity you need.

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