Preschool in Singapore

The best gift you can give your kid is a good education, as it can build their career and teach them the necessary values to succeed in life. In Singapore, there are more than 1900 different childcare facilities and kindergartens.

This makes the decision to enroll your child in preschool a nerve-wracking one, especially for first-time parents. Finding the best preschool for your child requires research on your part as a parent. Considering all the possibilities available, picking an International Preschool  Singapore may be a difficult choice to make. What makes this task even harder is the fact that you’re looking for a preschool in Singapore which can help your child grow into a smart, responsible child.

Why a preschool to begin with?

A preschool setting is specifically created to teach kids how to learn; it fosters their creativity and curiosity while enhancing their cognitive abilities. Through exposure to various mediums, including text, music, and public speaking, children can also develop their language abilities, improving their communication skills.    

The top 5 things to consider: 

1. Every Child is different, and yours is definitely unique

Every child is a different entity, and every child requires extra attention. Your child deserves a preschool tailored to suit his personality, and your child deserves special attention. Pick a preschool that perfectly matches his caliber. A good start will always result in a better future and definitely an excellent end. This country has focused on education. Thus, private schools Singapore are beneficial.\

2. Teacher-to-child ratio: Will your child be heard?

This should be your focus, primarily because your child should not be ignored. The more attention your child receives, the better his chances of overall development. An excellent international preschool in Singapore focuses on the teacher-to-child ratio to ensure individual attention.

3. Curriculum: All work and no play make jack a dull boy

Preschools using an academic curriculum follow a methodology that places a strong emphasis on finishing worksheets. While a play-based curriculum is based on the idea that kids learn best through play; as a result, kids spend time exploring and participating in imaginative, open-ended activities.

It has been demonstrated that using a play-based approach gives kids more chances to engage with one another and develop their social skills. Children are encouraged to think critically, ponder, and come up with innovative solutions to challenges through facilitated play. Private schools in Singapore offer equal opportunities on both these fronts. 

4. Safety and Hygiene 

Health is the greatest asset, and there can be nothing more valuable. Private schools in Singapore are usually very clean and tidy, but you should always cross-check. Hygiene is non-negotiable in a world that has just seen COVID-19; this adds it to our list at number 4.     

5. Reviews, References, and Awards

The number of excellence awards an institution wins adds to its credibility. The same goes for international preschools in Singapore. When picking a school, get references and reviews from someone well-acquainted with that particular school. Ask questions, like what makes this preschool different from other private schools in Singapore? Or what is it like to be a preschool student here? If you ask the right questions while making a decision, the battle is already half won.


Location and the fee levied by the school are also deciding factors, and not every bling thing is worthy. Choose a location that is preferably nearer to your residence while picking an international preschool in Singapore. This is just because you’ll have to drop your child and take him back for some years. Selecting a good preschool can make you nervous, but understand that your child needs to grow first. Long schooling hours followed by a bundle of worksheets to solve never helps.

By taking the time to research preschools and make a shortlist of the ones that you are interested in, you are assured of a better experience. You will know what to do on your first day, and how your child should behave when he is at school. This applies no matter which discipline or school your child chooses for preschool education.

Our entire adult lives are formed on the foundation of our early experiences. Your child will be better prepared for success in all facets of life if you provide them with high-quality preschool education. It aids in their physical, social-emotional, and academic development and provides children with a solid foundation for learning.

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