Nag Tibba


Nag Tibba One of the best treks to perform on weekends, 7-8 hours of drive from Delhi. located in Uttarakhand near Mussoorie is a mesmerizing trek. elevating you at the 9806 ft. view from the top is a breathtaking 100° view of the Himalayan range covered with snow caps. you will see swargarohini, Bandar Poonch, Gangotri, Srikanth, Kala nag. You can also witness the Kedarnath peak in the north if the weather is clear. We all know climbs to the summit are rewarding but what if you can do it in a weekend and not just a climb of 3000, 4000ft but 9806ft. 

witness different landscapes as you will trek from one side and descend from another. Walking through dense forest, open areas and ridge walks reaching the summit is a memorable experience to spend your 2 day weekend. It is close to the national capital and the region around Delhi. 

The unspoiled beauty of nature can be found in the nag tibba trek. The view of the sunset is amazing from your campsite drowning down in the picturesque landscape is so pleasant. On your way back from the summit as you descend to the pantwari, you will come across a beautiful village bhatwadi. After descending within 1 hour you will reach a place called Moriana which is in clearings, witness small streams and some shepherd huts, covered with forest. The place is so good for capturing some remarkable pictures. photoholics will be amazed by this trek. 


You can reach Dehradun via bus or car. It is well connected with the national capital in neighboring cities. Dehradun also has an international airport so you can prefer a flight too. You will be driven to pantwari village which is around 100 km from Dehradun and it will take 4 hours to reach pantwari. you will cross Mussoorie, kempty falls, Yamuna bridge, nainbagh, and the last pantwari. After leaving your vehicle in pantwari your trek will start and you will be on foot for a 5 km trek and take 2 to 3 hours to reach Khaitan, your base camp site. 

It is easy to moderate and has a gradual ascent on a stone path made by the forest department. enjoy your rest of the day on the campsite at 7506 ft. Witness the sunset with your folks, have an amazing dinner and rest, and sleep tight as you will hike to the summit the next morning. On the second day, trek to nag tibba top which will take 5 to 6 hours and cover a distance of 9 km, elevating you to the height of 9806 ft. During the 1st hour of the trek, it will be easy walking through the forest.

and gets steep during the middle part of the trek. As you reach the top you will be witnessing a ridge and your trail from where you climb. and within minutes you will be seeing the slope down to the valley on the other side of the trek. The view from the top is magnificent, the snow-capped Himalayas. You can also perform this trek in winter. If you have enough time then you can visit bhatwari, it is a beautiful place which has a small stream and shepherd hut. Panthwari is 8 km from this village and drives back to Dehradun. 

nag tibba has two routes and both are similar in distance and different in experience. one is through Auntar village and the other via Pantwari but both routes show up at Nag Mandir. witness stunning landscapes of Garhwal and a variety of flora and fauna. you will find deodars in this location. you will cover a distance of 25 km throughout the trek. It is manageable for first-time trekkers and easy to moderate. 


  • If you are planning for this trek, start exercising like running, jogging or yoga, or meditation. it will improve your health and fitness and you will not find any difficulty in acclimatizing in nag tibba as you are elevating to 9806 ft. 
  • This is a short trek that can make your weekend fun and memorable. Nag tibba is such a wonderful experience that no one can forgot. It is recommended to visit nag tibba atleast once in your life. It has some amazing view of nature that everyone loves it.

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