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    Nextech EHR Comparison: Software Features and Reviews

    This article will go over Nextech, Expanse, and Meditech ehr software features and reviews. Each has different features and benefits, and we’ll discuss which one may be best for your practice. Once you’ve decided which ehr software is the best fit for you, read on for a few of our favorite Nextech features. After reading this article, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the differences between these EHR software brands.

    Nextech EHR

    When you are looking for the best EMR software for your practice, the Nextech EHR may be the answer. With its powerful software, physicians can seamlessly share patient data. For instance, Nextech EMR allows clinicians to electronically prescribe and send medications. The system also integrates with the PDMP, an electronic state database. In addition to keeping patients safe, the PDMP allows clinicians to check drug interactions before prescribing medications.

    Nextech EHR was founded in 1997, and currently serves over 11,000 providers across 4000 clinical specialties. It also specifically caters to specialty practices such as Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and more. The EMR solution offers an all-in-one package, integrating financial management and practice management with electronic health records. While this may sound like a complex package, Nextech is flexible enough to grow with your practice and is highly affordable.

    NextGen EMR

    A review of NextGen ehr software reveals a host of impressive features. This program uses a Q&A format to create narrative notes from patient responses. The software supports multispecialty practices and allows users to create bookmarks and set recurring reports. It also supports the use of images. The NextGen software includes a powerful reporting suite that makes it easy to run reports for any patient, whether it is an emergency room, a cardiologist, or any other healthcare provider.

    The software is cloud-based and can be accessed through a web browser. It is available in both Windows and Mac versions and is compatible with most popular web browsers. It also has iOS and Android apps. NextGen healthcare offers numerous training methods during and after initial installation, including live online help and email support. Its support team is available to answer questions on its features, pricing, and more. NextGen EHR software features and reviews may be helpful for your practice.

    Meditech EHR

    Read Meditech EHR software reviews to discover what makes this EHR so popular among physicians. This award-winning EHR software empowers physicians with next-generation technology to improve patient care and bottom-line profitability. With flexible services for over 40 medical specialties, Meditech EHR is easy to use, offers a customizable user interface, and offers virtual assistance to help users get started. With these features, practice management becomes a breeze, and revenue trends are more predictable.

    In addition to providing a robust EHR software solution, Nextech EHR features an automated lead management system that works hand-in-hand with the software. The software automatically creates leads and documents, while ensuring that all documents are stored safely. It seamlessly transcribes comments into healthcare notes. Users can also upload insurance cards and driver’s licenses to increase patient convenience. With Nextech EHR, providers can send prescriptions electronically. And because the program is cloud-based, users can access their records from anywhere. Nextech EHR reviews have noted the software’s user-friendly design and client-centered nature.


    When looking at EHR software, there are several factors to keep in mind. Expanse is designed to help physicians improve their workflow by making it easier for them to access patient information. Among these factors is the virtual assistant. This advanced AI solution works like a personal assistant and has the ability to recognize key patient information based on laboratory results, vital signs, and more. Moreover, it is capable of storing patient information from an EHR, allowing clinicians to access it instantly.

    The Nextech EHR has modular functionality, making it easy to customize to your needs. The fully customizable EHR helps improve charting speed and reduce documentation. The iPad application enables physicians to work from anywhere. In addition, physicians can view patient charts and refill prescriptions using the tablet application. Moreover, the Nextech EHR is suited for dermatologists, and dermatologists. Despite the low price tag, Nextech’s features are worthy of consideration.


    If you’re looking for an ophthalmology specific EHR, then look no further than IntelleChartPRO. This EHR software is built specifically for the ophthalmology practice, making it easy to comply with all regulatory requirements and reduce your overall time spent charting. Its fully integrated Practice Management solution streamlines operations and includes time-saving charting features. IntelleChartPRO is designed with Ophthalmologists in mind, so you won’t have to spend hours after office hours on repetitive charting tasks.

    This cloud-based EHR software was designed for vision practices by a physician, Dr. Dan Motzka. The company has been designing software for the ophthalmology industry since 2003. In 2012, it merged with Extensys and is now called MDIntellesys. Its reviews are positive, but it’s not without its downsides.


    The pricing of Nextech EMR software is rather opaque, and it doesn’t even mention pricing on its website. Instead, it offers a “call now” or “request a demo” option, which require you to contact the company directly. As a result, Nextech EMR software doesn’t have a free tier or a free trial. However, you can get an idea of how much it costs by reviewing customer reviews.

    NexTech EMR, for example, has specialty-specific charting capabilities. Other NextGen Healthcare EHR options include ambulatory surgery, cardiology, corrections, and dermatology. NexTech EMR, by contrast, is considered low-cost medical software by the ITQlick rating system. It offers comprehensive, specialty-specific patient data and streamlined workflow. Additionally, the NextGen EHR includes telemedicine capabilities.

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