It gets quite traumatic when your favorite cell phone falls in the parking lot, take a dip in the swimming pool, or its battery keeps dying. The first instinct of any individual is to google a solution or believe in pieces of advice from friends, family, and neighbors. How many of these are true? Nobody knows. Technicians at cell phone repair stores in Modesto, CA debunked a few of them, which are as follows.

Cellphone repair store in Modesto, CA exposes the home repair hacks

Nobody can repair a water damaged phone

In case of the phone falling in the pool, do not panic and follow the following easy steps:

·        Switch off the phone immediately. As water is an electric conductor, it can cause an electric short circuit.

·        Remove the SIM Card and SD Card

·        Dry the phone with a towel

·        Take it to the nearby cell phone repair store in Modesto CA

Uncooked rice absorbs Moisture

It is a common household trend to place water debunked phones in a sack of rice quickly. This in reality, has never worked. Rice indeed has water-absorbing qualities. It can absorb water on the superficial surface, but it cannot stop the corrosion of the motherboard from happening after coming in contact with the water. Instead, take your phone to a nearby phone repair shop in Modesto, CA, for repairing by a skilled technician to minimize damage.

Every Individual becomes a DIY Guru.

After watching all those DIY repair videos on YouTube, an individual believes that he can replace the skilled mobile phone technicians that repair cell phones in Modesto, CA.

One should always restart the phone, restore the systems, and check the data cable but never resort to opening the phone. One slight mistake can cost you your entire phone. It is always advisable to go to nearby phone repair shops in Modesto, CA, and get professional help from a technician who has real-time experience.

Using the phone with a cracked screen

For a layperson, a cracked screen visually resonates with a less appealing phone. They do not consider that a cracked screen creates a hindrance while using a phone. It impacts the touch system of the phone; hence benign tasks like opening the screen lock, reading a message, or making a phone call start getting difficult. Your phone screen can also have dark spots and discoloration malfunction. It is always best to take it to a reliable phone repair shop In Modesto, CA, and get it replaced by a genuine screen.

Repair technicians invading Privacy

The biggest fear of all the personal data, especially pictures, emails, documents, and contact lists, will get exposed. That is entirely not true, but still, if you fear, it is better to strictly inform them not to have a look at your data. And get it transferred to another device. Worst come worst, delete the entire data.

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