The new year is something we all long for. There will be parties, and joy all around. But on top of everything, there will be resolutions. We plan something at the beginning, keep it for some days, then lose it. All we do properly is wait. Waiting for the next new year, just to keep these things on a loop. But planning to throw a new year party or to host the same eve is not a simple thing. It takes as much preparation as we do for an exam.

Here are a few things that one could use to plan a new year party, that too in our national capital, Delhi.

Call your close ones

It can be your friends, family, relatives, and colleagues.  This would help to spend some quality time with them all. It would be nice to begin something new with our favorite ones around. Yes, the resolution may stay long, but the memory does.

Dilli Haat

This could be one of the best ways to spend quality time with our loved ones. If you are a person who loves our culture, then this place would be the best. It is the perfect place to enjoy colorful programs.


This could be done at Tanku point in the Qutub Institutional area. A long lane of dhabas that shares a wall with a forest in the peak of Delhi winter is amazing. By adding a little fire to the situation, we could have the perfect New Year’s Eve plan in place. With our closest kin and with delicious spicy food on the last day of the year will remind us what matters. Sitting and chatting around a humble bonfire surrounded by greenery will change our perspective of how New Year’s Eve is supposed to be. The dhabas serve with care. Don’t forget to get lemon tea or traditional chai with overloaded Makhan paranthas, dal makhani, and crispy chilly potatoes.


Ditch crowded parties for dancing and stay home for music instead. Sing away the ghosts of New Year’s Eve past with our dear ones. The good part is that everybody likes to get drunk on New Year’s Eve so the embarrassment of singing will be at a minimum. If one is up for the challenge, then there are a couple of Karaoke parties in town, but skipping the traffic for a loud night in will be good. 

Drive around Rajpath

Go cliché for the last time in the year with loved ones. Head down to India Gate for a desi-style celebration of the ages with them. Time slows down while visiting our childhood memories of Lovely Chuski and local papad. The Rajpath looks stunning, clad in dazzling colors as the memories are.

Food crawls

Start the 31st early! Head to Chandni Chowk with friends, family, relatives, or colleagues for a quintessential food walk from jalebi to Daulat ki chaat. After some time shopping, all could get ready for Jama Masjid delights. Rogan Josh will give the satisfaction that has been missing all year. Wait, things are not done. Take the trip to Dilli Haat for the final chapter of the year. The place would be lit on New Year’s Eve with everything packed in one place. Then hop from cuisine to cuisine and don’t leave anything behind this time. After the long day of food crawl and shopping haul, the bed is all one wants by midnight. There’s no shame and wishing everyone a happy new year when the sun is bright and shiny would be great.

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

By leaving the metropolis without leaving it, drive to Surajkund and spend the last day of the year in the lap of nature within the vicinity of Delhi. The sanctity of the sanctuary will leave anyone stunned. This place is home to 80 species of butterflies, 193 species of birds, and hundreds of kinds of insects. Reptiles, leopards, covers, blackbucks, jackals, civets, and blue bulls, all thrive at the Southern Ridge of the Aravalli Range. This retreat will help one to carry the peace and positivity of fresh air from New Year’s Eve to the new year.

Begin the new year with a clean bucket list

Check off the Delhi bucket list before the year ends. Spend all day discovering the city with your dear ones or alone as you wish, Go to the places that you’ve always wanted to but can never prioritize, now is the time. As said, live it like as if there is no tomorrow. Head to the planetarium and be dazzled by all the stars that you can’t see in the Delhi skies.

Each day gives one to begin new as fresh the day is. Similar happens during the new year. We all plan a lot for every new year and wish to make it the best. We may fail with our plans, but still never fails to make new ones for the next year. New years begin with new resolutions and also end the same. But when it is ending, it remains a list of resolutions for the next year.

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