Screen Printing in NYC

A customized t-shirt makes you feel good. Horus New York brings a fantastic collection of t-shirts; you can now choose the suitable one. They come up with exclusive silk prints, and it’s time to get a unique t-shirt. Also, you can reveal a message, and they will type it on your t-shirt. Thus, you will comprehend the importance of t-shirt printing in NYC.

Essential Facts About Screen Printing in NYC

Now, you need to know essential facts about screen printing in NYC. It’s a type of printing where a specific ink or metal is applied to the surface, creating a unique design. This ink applies to all areas except the areas where the use of stencil is blocked. Using this method, an artist can develop multicolour designs, and you can explore an exceptional t-shirt. 

How does t-shirt printing work?

Now, here are mentioned the steps following which you can easily carry out t-shirt printing in NYC:

Step #1: Design Creation

First, an artist creates the design and then it’s printed on a transparent frame. Then slowly, ink is applied to the design, and the image becomes clear. The artist must turn out with innovative designs, and you can now get familiar with stunning prints. 

Step #2: Choose the Screen

Next, choosing a screen is essential, and you can start screen printing in NYC. Also, you need to complete mesh count, which refers to the number of fibres used in one inch. It’s good to choose a screen with a higher mesh flow. Ink may start oozing if the screen has a low mesh count. Such a screen has a broader opening due to the ink flowing out. 

Step #3: Exposing the Screen to Emulsion

The screen is then coated with emulsion, and bright light makes the emulsion harden. Using this technique, it becomes easy to create designs featuring multiple colours. Make sure that you are handling the mesh screen with proper care.

Step #4: Time to Use the Stencil

The unhardened emulsion is wiped away, leaving a clear image. The screen then hardens slowly, and the printer may make some changes. Hence, you can get a perfect picture, and the t-shirt will come up with a nice touch.

Step #5: Print the Design

Now, it’s time to apply the design. The printer must choose the right ink colour and spread it on the screen. A squeegee is equipment using which an artist or printer can distribute the ink evenly on the net. The ink enters the openings on the screen, and one can complete printing the design on the screen.

Step #6: Get the Final Design

Finally, the print is visible on the t-shirt. A stencil is used to clear the emulsion, and you can use the mesh to create further designs.

Overall, you can see how t-shirt printing in NYC works. Horus New York is one of the top places coming up with fine t-shirt prints. They know how to carry out t-shirt printing in NYC, and you can get the more delicate t-shirts. 

Types of Screen Printing

Here are mentioned the main types of screen prints which are:

Type #1: Halftone Printing

This print makes use of a single colour. The colour features a half-tone look, and looking at the image from a notable distance helps you explore multiple shades. This technique is the best option if you want to create multi-colour prints.

Type #2: Duotone Printing

This technique uses two halftones. First, a printer uses black ink to create a halftone and then uses colour ink to start the second halftone. This print resembles the sepia tone, and it makes an extraordinary print. 

Time to Explore a Nice Look

 Once you get a customized t-shirt, you can explore a nice look. It can be a perfect gift for your loved one, and you can get a favourite character or superhero printed on the t-shirt. Garment printing today gains utmost popularity, and the exclusive prints at Horus New York help you explore the actual art. They provide the ultimate solution to t-shirt printing, and now you can choose the ideal one that fulfils your specifications. 

Wearing the t-shirt, you will feel confident, and thus you can eliminate all the barriers. The graphics on your t-shirt depict your personality, and you will gain attention from the crowd. Horus New York helps you learn how screen printing in NYC brings in the perfect prints on t-shirts. 

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