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The internet speed was fast earlier. But, now it is so slow. It might be because the internet connection has multiple users. Or, the bandwidth is making you compromise the  speed. Maybe the bandwidth of the WiFi as every device is using its own bandwidth from a single connection.  

No worries as in the meantime, we will be solving your issue so fastly with the below given tips: 

Single Connection, Multiple Users

Try reducing the internet load, by pausing the downloads. This can suddenly improve your WiFi speed. Technology can ensure the equal bandwidth to all the devices, but if you are facing the issue with the router, your internet speed must be inconsistent.

Identifying the real culprit – ISP or router?

Your ISP must be having some problem,  Or the WiFi router having a connection slowdown. You can recognize the actual culprit just by doing a speed test on the internet. We recommend you to perform a test on a laptop or a PC or connect a LAN cable to your router. Compare the result of the test with your respective internet plan. If the speed is lower than the internet plan then you have to have a word with the service provider, if not then you need to ask the ISP for resolving the issue.

There could be some problem in the WiFi router , if the internet is running faster on the LAN.

Here are some fixes to solve your problem.

Keeping the Wi-Fi router at the right spot

Placing the router at the wrong places could be a more problematic situation. As, placing the router in the corners can affect the extenders range. It can break the signals at the edges.

Mostly the idle place of a router is in the middle of the house. So that the signal can travel in the whole house. It is hard for you to penetrate the signals through the thick walls of your Brostrend Wifi  Extender Setup. To widen the router coverage make sure to place the router away from the electronic and metal devices.  Even though the almiras of aluminum can affect the signals. 

You can use the WiFi strength meter to analyze the gauge and the WiFi signal strength. You can check the levels of the signals and place the router according to the wireless network coverage. But you can do it after placing the WiFi router in the middle of your home.

The Modem Needs to Be Reset

It can be easily fixed, as the modem might be a reason for the slow internet. And can fix it all easily. It can be reset almost in a second by turning off and on to get back in working condition. Great as it is back!

What if it isn’t working- If you are trying to connect the modem to the device, but it is also not helping much. Now, plug the ethernet cable directly in the modem. If the ethernet cable is not working; As a result, try reset modem once more, if you are having slow internet, this indicates that there is something wrong with the router.

The House Is Too Big

The router needs more time to extend the network throughout the house, it is not the fault of the big rooms or big house; it’s that one router is not enough. You need an extender too to make the signals more efficient. If after pairing an extender the router isn’t forming any fast connection then you need a router which is offering more bandwidth.

But can do it for you. As it travels the network faster and very effectively.

 Scan for malware

Your computer might be affected by many reasons but it has no relation with the hardware or the ISP. If your computer is constantly facing malware, such as nuisance ware or adware, it might be possible that the program is also facing the adverse effects on overall performance by taking up memory reserves. Run an antivirus scan just to make sure. Suspicious behavior to be on the lookout for includes unwanted pop-up ads in high numbers. As a result, changes to default your search engine, and redirects to unusual websites.


If you have any problem regarding slow internet then you must try the tips given in the article.

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