Custom packaging is a trend that has been steadily rising in recent years, and for a good reason. If you are looking to make your pre-roll packaging unique, custom boxes are the way to go. There are many benefits of using custom pre roll box for your pre-roll products, including increased customer engagement, easier branding efforts, reduced waste, and more! So, where can you buy these custom boxes? You will find them right here.

You may have heard the term pre-rolls before, but what are they? Pre-rolls are a type of cannabis product that is created by combining marijuana with rolling papers. The most common way to package these products is by using custom boxes for pre-rolls. So, whether you are just starting your business or have been doing it for years, this article will be an excellent resource to help with your production process.

Part 1: Choosing Your Pre-Rolled Cones

Cone or tube? Please choose your preference, because each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Paper will depend on the smoker’s needs; you can also choose from a variety of brands.

“There are five different paper types in custom consensus’s complete line of pre-rolled cones and tubes. Perhaps you want to try one that can be used with any product. “The size matters too: regular cone vs. mini king rollers make all the difference in taste as well as performance time per session. And what about branding options? All connoisseurs have different tastes when it comes to everything else involved, so why not pick something that suits YOU best?!

Marijuana Paper is produced by pulping a hemp plant’s cellulose fibers in water to produce what we call pulp stock or slurry. This mix of soluble fiber can be processed into a wide variety of products, including tissue paper for disposable use- like wrapping up takeout food from your favorite restaurant; toiletries such as facial tissues and towels; industrial goods such as matting used to reinforce concrete floors during construction projects when using polymer concretes—which has been found out now that it would save taxpayer money since waste product goes down faster than normal cement.

Cone v. Tube: What’s the difference?

Rolling a pre-rolled tube is the perfect way for smokers to enjoy their cannabis. The classic cigarette shape makes it familiar and easy, while you can experience less harshness because of how tightly rolled they are!

Part 2: Preparing the Flower for Your Pre-Rolls

The pre-roll you choose will depend on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing product, then go with A-buds. But if the purpose of this is to save time or money in the extraction process, B-Buds are perfect!

One of the most important aspects to consider when making pre-rolls is what type of plant material should be used. It can make a huge difference in taste, smoking experience, and quality, depending on how you mix it with a flower.

One way that people have found success with pre-rolls is by blending between 10% – 20% trim into their joint blend for retail purposes (as this will produce an even burn.) This technique has been found helpful because pieces from dried cannabis leaves are more likely to create an uneven smoke than unbroken bud materials like trimmings or kief.

Grinding Process

Choosing the best type of grinder is essential for those who want to save money. If you are on a budget, your only option is to go with low-volume grinders, which can be any type of blender or food processor. There are some issues when using this as a grinder, though: firstly, there’s no room in these types because they’re limited by container size; secondly, having control over particle sizes becomes impossible because, at that point, it all gets mixed together so well and inconsistently.

Part 3: Pre-Roll Filling Machines

Pre-rolled cones go in the first tier of this machine, and the ground flower goes on a tray in the second. When they’re ready, your customers take their own joint that’s been meticulously processed!

The best way to pack joints beforehand so that customers can take them home fresh from our dispensary on demand: Load precut rolls onto one side (crutch down) while filling trays above it with finely grounded cannabis plant matter; once all sections have been stocked appropriately then place complete assembly atop rolling table where roller assembles marijuana cigarillo or cigarette for purchase as desired.

After assembling the cones, your next step is to start vibration. This causes ground material to fall perfectly through aligned openings into individual pre-rolled cones on an upper level. The process repeats until the cone is filled with ground material.

Finishing Your Pre-Roll with Final Touches

Pre-rolling joints is a frequent smoking method. Two options exist for sealing off your joint once it has been completed. The first and easiest is to twist until all excess paper has been twisted into a tail, which will make it difficult for customers to get their initial light on the joint or to twist too much, which will make it difficult for customers to restart.

A more time-consuming but better way to seal the joint is by using glue. Joints are lit, and as soon as they come close to burning down, additional amounts of glue are applied all around the paper in order for it to stick together without any gaps.

This step will ensure that your pre-rolled product lasts longer than if you had simply twisted off excess material at the end. For example, because there’s no need to worry about spillage with a sealed joint, customers can take their completed joints out into inclement weather without having to worry about rain or spilled ash ruining them. If this option isn’t available for some reason – say when smoking outdoors during particularly windy conditions.


Building your own pre-rolled brand is a daunting task, but the end result can be amazing. There are many variable factors that go into building a successful business of this type – from branding to production quality.

We have discussed how to navigate each step-in detail and give you tips on what works best for us at R2O Labs so you can apply them to your business as well. After reading our guide, we hope you’ll understand all aspects involved with developing and selling pre-rolls, as well as the various ways they differ from typical vape cartridges.

Our goal is not only to provide information about these products but also to inspire creativity by giving insight into what steps need to be taken when creating something new! But if you need Custom Packaging Solutions then there are multiple websites available that offer customized boxes at wholesale rates within reasonable cost.

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