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    The Surprising Facts about Erections You Didn’t Know

    Did you know that 50% of men experience erections? The average erection requires 130ml of blood – the equivalent of four 35ml whiskey shots – and one in 20 men experiences an erection that points straight up to the sky? Most men fall somewhere in between. In fact, it is possible to have an erection caused by your own thoughts.


    Anxiety is a typical response to stress and in some circumstances, it can be helpful. It can warn us about potential threats and assist with planning and attention. When anxiety disorders are present, there is excessive dread or anxiety as opposed to the typical emotions of apprehension or worry.

    Having anxiety may affect a man’s ability to have a penetrative erection. In fact, there is no direct physiological link between anxiety and erections, but it may impact the experience nonetheless. Men who suffer from anxiety are often unable to have erections despite their normal ability to perform other tasks. And yet, it’s important to note that many men don’t need erections to have a sexual experience.

    The good news is that there are things you can do to reduce your anxiety. While talking to a therapist can help you feel more comfortable during sex, it can also reduce the chances of having an erection. By learning how to relax and relieve anxiety during sex, you’ll find that your intimate relationship will improve. And this is true whether you’re a man or a woman. Vidalista 20 is the best medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.


    A recent study suggests that men with poor semen quality are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. The quality of the semen was low in 25 percent of men in attempts to conceive. In fact, poor semen quality is a predictor of erectile dysfunction among new married men in Japan. To understand why this occurs, researchers compared the characteristics of men’s semen with those of the healthy control group.

    In the seventeenth century, the word ‘spirit’ became associated with semen and erections. This idea originated in religious poetry by poet John Donne, who exploited euphemistic meanings of the word. Donne identified the role of the spirit in sperm’s release, thereby linking the semen with the Holy Spirit and poets’ creative powers. Over time, this idea became accepted, and poetry took over the role of sexual reproduction.

    Corpora cavernosum

    During sex, the body produces an erection. This erection is not permanent, and there are a number of things that can disrupt it. These things may include distraction, interruption, or cold temperature. When these things happen, a process called DE tumescence occurs. During DE tumescence, the body stops producing chemical messengers, and other chemicals destroy those remaining. The blood then leaks out of the corpora cavernosum and veins open to let it drain. The trickle soon becomes a gush, and the penis returns to a limp state. Vidalista is the best medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.

    The penis has two central arteries, or corpora cavernosum, which run through the penis. These arteries branch into smaller arteries. During an erection, the amount of blood in the penis increases sixfold. Blood filling the penis causes the openings to the veins to compress and close, which maintains an erection.

    Semen is necessary for erections

    The process of ejaculation is controlled by the central nervous system. During penetrative sex or manual stimulation, arousal and excitement build, which triggers the ejaculatory mechanism. Sperm are transported to the base of the penis by the vas deferens and secrete fluids, which produce semen. The muscles in the base of the penis eject semen.

    Erections aren’t always in men’s control

    Erections are a natural part of the penis’s function, but they can be frustrating when they occur unexpectedly or spontaneously. Though they’re a natural part of life, they’re also a matter of personal choice. According to freelance writer Adrienne Santos-Long Hurst, erections are not always in men’s control. This is because erections sometimes occur during rapid eye movement sleep, sometimes known as wet dreams.

    An erection occurs when a man experiences sexual arousal and a penis hardens. A man’s penis is normally flaccid, but it swells up with blood and feels stiff, and stands out from the body. The enlarged penis is often a sign of sexual arousal. The erection process is influenced by several factors, including a man’s hormonal level.


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