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    Types of Tom Ford Perfume

    The Tom Ford perfume is sharp, uncompromising, and luxurious. It comes in body spray concentrations and high-end department stores. It also made in his personal scent laboratory. The smell of Tom Ford perfume lasts for an impressive seven hours on skin. Here are some of the top scents. Read on to discover more about these fragrances. Then, decide which one is right for you. Whether you prefer a feminine, masculine, or woody scent, these colognes are the perfect choice.

    Tom Ford’s colognes are sharp, uncompromising and luxurious

    Each Tom Ford cologne is unique and embodies the designer’s DNA. A master of seduction, Tom Ford knows how to woo his customers and accentuate their best assets. His colognes divided into two separate lines: the exclusive Private Blend Collection and the more mainstream Signature line. Within each group, there are several sub-groups. The Private Blend line includes scents for every occasion and budget, including a more affordable entry point.

    A distinctly masculine scent, Tom Ford’s fragrances designed to heighten a man’s aesthetic. The designer’s colognes are unmistakably masculine and sharp, with a touch of sophistication. His colognes unapologetically sophisticated and impeccably edited. While they are more expensive than their cheaper counterparts, they have the same complexity and sophistication.

    They’re available in high-end department stores

    Tom Ford is a famous perfume company and the company’s signature Collection is available at select department stores. Each fragrance starts with a single note. Some perfume connoisseurs consider Oud Wood the most unique and best-smelling fragrance of all time. Others swear by the florals and woody scents of Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather. These fragrances are more affordable than the other top-tier brands, yet still stand up to the competition.

    The signature line is still a quality fragrance, but Tom Ford has also developed the Private Blend Collection, a line of more complex scents featuring some of the brand’s most innovative ingredients. These fragrances designed for those who appreciate perfume and want to stand out from the crowd. Private Blends are exclusive to the Tom Ford boutiques and are available only through special orders. This collection initially consisted of 12 fragrances.

    They’re available in body spray concentrations

    You can find Tom Ford perfumes in both body spray and perfume concentrations. Most of Tom Ford’s fragrances feature the same top, middle, and base notes, but with variations on the notes. Exotic scents have spicy, fruity, or woody notes, while masculine scents have a musky, leather or woody scent. The fragrance Black Orchid is versatile, suitable for both men and women.

    The signature Tom Ford fragrance, Oud Wood, has been popular since the 2010s. It is not a true Oud scent, but rather the impression created by sacred wood. It includes cardamom, Turkish rose, and Indonesian patchouli. This scent suited for cooler seasons, as the scent is more subtle. It best worn alone or over your clothes. Alternatively, you can spray it on your wrists, legs, or feet.

    The Tom Ford Black Orchid is a floral scent that evokes the feminine side of men and women. It Tom Ford’s first feminine perfume, and it associated with the same flower that made Black Orchid so popular: the Black Orchid. They carries the legacy of Tom Ford’s bold floral signature, but promises a unique experience. It is available in body spray concentrations, as well as in perfume and body oils.

    Made in his personal scent laboratory

    While his Signature line is his most popular fragrance, Tom Ford also has several other scents in his portfolio. The most recent addition to his line, Ford Fucking Fabulous, debuted at New York Fashion Week. The fragrance is a bold autumn scent that combines bitter almond oil with tonka bean, orris root, leather, and cashmerean. It costs SGD193 for 50 ml, and is suitable for men who like their scents to smell raw and smooth.

    The fragrances in Tom Ford’s Private Blend Reserve collection are based on a story. Each is unique in its own way, but many of them feature a theme that represents the designer’s lifestyle. Whether you’re a woman who loves feminine scents, a man who wears classic scents or a guy who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on perfume, Tom Ford perfumes made in his personal scent laboratory.


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