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It may seem daunting now, but it doesn’t have to be. Packaging companies know a lot about boxes and what they are. Packaging companies understand the box and what it’s like for new SMEs to want to bring their products to market in the best and most cost-effective way. That’s why we’ve put together different types of custom mailer boxes at wholesale pricesThis way, you can go through the options and find the right for you.

When you first start packing, you can be completely overwhelmed by all the different types of boxes. They all seem to have their pros and cons. So, how do you sift through them and choose the best option for your product or business?

Corrugated boxes 

The first type of cardboard box is the corrugated box. Unlike standard cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are made of multiple layers of material, which provide good insulation and cushioning for the contents. Despite having multiple layers, corrugated boxes are relatively light and easy to store.

Corrugated boxes consist of a liner and a core. The liner is flat, and the core is made of corrugated cardboard. It is usually reinforced with corrugated paper between two media and further padded to make it durable, compression, and puncture-resistant. Corrugated boxes are suitable for packaging many goods that require protection during storage and transportation. They also outperform other packaging in terms of temperature protection, which can be compromised during shipping.

Corrugated boxes are available in a range of flute sizes from 5 mm to 0.8mm thick. However, the most common flute is the 4mm thick “C” type. This size is ideal for protection and storage. There are also different types of corrugated cardboard.

The most common one is the simple wallpaper board. It consists of a single groove sandwiched between two backing boards. This method provides good protection but may not suit heavy items. Finally, cardboard boxes can be packaged in various ways.

Cardboard Packaging

mailer boxes

The second type of packaging is a cardboard box. This type of packaging is very lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand shipping. It is the most commonly used by retailers to pack items already on the shelf.

When not in use, this type lays completely flat and takes up almost no space before assembly. In terms of design and assembly, this type of packaging can be easily cut and made into many sizes and shapes.

With companies like The Packaging Company, eco-friendly packaging is also possible. They use recyclable materials wherever possible in the production of their boxes and ensure that their products do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere during the production process. Fortunately for all those who care about the environment, The Packaging Company creates eco-friendly packaging without sacrificing quality.

Hard case

The third type of box is the rigid box. The boxes are made of high-density cardboard, which is four times thicker than traditional cardboard. Unlike many other boxes, these boxes are completely rigid and cannot be bent. So, while they are durable, they take up a lot of space and are expensive to store and transport.

Plastic boxes

Now that we’ve discussed common cardboard boxes, let’s move on to plastic boxes. With cardboard being the dominant material in the packaging world, many may have forgotten the possibilities of plastic. However, for many companies looking to showcase their products from the start, plastic boxes can be a great option while also being environmentally friendly.

Other packaging parts

The box is undoubtedly the packaging star, but it’s not the only star. In addition to the packaging box, there are other packaging components to consider when choosing a packaging box. Depending on the type of packaging, additional components must be added to safely transport the product and get it to the customer.

  • The mailer boxes have cardboard compartments to keep parts and cargo separate.
  • There’s also an inner box shape that holds cargo in place and protects them from the sides of the box.
  • Finally, some blocks fill space and separate boxes by-products or items.

These are all aspects to consider when deciding on the packaging.

How to choose the best packaging?

mailer boxes

If you’ve gotten this far, you probably know more about crates than you think. However, this is a complex space to consider on your own. Fortunately, the packaging company can help you choose the best packaging solution for your unique product, business, and future goals. We know the industry and will share our knowledge to help you impress your clients and grow your business in the future. Folding cartons are the best option to pack your products in these cartons. You can easily move your products in these cartons.


Packaging may not seem important at first glance, but it is very important to any business. Different companies offer different products and shipping methods, making it difficult for business owners to determine the correct packaging based on research alone. Fortunately, the experts at The Packaging Company take all of these different factors into account and can help you choose the type of box that best suits all of your packaging needs.

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