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We are all familiar with the term madrasa. According to the Oxford definition, it is a college for Islamic instruction. Madrasas were originally established near Masjids to provide religious education and awareness to children.

And it is now being developed following current trends. Systematic educational boards were established, as were smart classrooms and innovative methods.

However, the need for online madrasa arises in another way. The reason for the online madrasa was the lack of Islamic teachers in certain areas, the schedule of school education, and the lack of madrasa in Muslim minority areas.

Online Islamic schools are becoming increasingly important. The student requires high-quality, systematic education that is focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

Initiatives like Meem Academia are doing outstanding work in this field. Allow our children to learn Islam from appropriate and productive sources.

A madrasah typically gives young Muslims a religious foundation in Qur’anic recitation and Islamic values.

For some Muslim children, the madrasah is their only source of formal education; for others, it supplements the secular basic education they receive in primary and secondary school.

An online Madrasah is an online Islamic school that provides your child with a comprehensive Islamic education. It benefits you and your child both now and in the future.

The Scope of Online Madrasah

Let us talk about the scope of online madrasas and Islamic elementary schools at the national/local and international levels.

National Level

Our school system and tutorial process consume the majority of students’ time at the national level. They did not have enough time to complete their Islamic education through the traditional madrasa system.

This void will be filled by the introduction of online Islamic schools. Online classes offer time flexibility and ease of access. It will also lessen the mental and physical strain on the student.

International Level

Internationally, many foreign countries do not have a madrasah system. Even in the Gulf countries, there is no proper Islamic elementary education system for our children.

As a result, we can see the importance of an elementary education system in those countries. Quality Islamic education can be provided by an online platform with qualified teachers and a well-organized curriculum.

Types & Benefits Of Online Madrasah

There are two types of virtual classes: live classes and pre-recorded classes. Learners and teachers interact simultaneously in online live madrasa classes.

However, in a pre-recorded class, lectures have already been recorded and uploaded, and the learner can listen to his class whenever it is convenient for him.

Learners and teachers communicate via the internet in online Islamic schools. Tele-communication apps such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and others serve as the general medium of a virtual school.

This can also be accomplished through the use of independent websites and learning applications like our Al-Rushd platform which provides the best Online Madrasah facility.

They both have benefits and drawbacks. Face-to-face interaction and quick response make the live class a lively environment. However, it may be disrupted by technical issues or the availability of the teacher or learner’s time. Pre-recorded classes are convenient because the learner can listen to them whenever he wants.

However, it may have an impact on learning consistency. Al-Rushd can overcome these issues by offering both live and pre-recorded classes. Subject preference and learning productivity can be used to organise online live madrasa classes and pre-recorded classes.

The main advantage of an online Islamic school is its flexibility. The availability of the teacher and learner can determine course duration and class time. The duration can be set according to the class interval. For example, daily, weekend, or biweekly.

Why We Offer Perfect Online Madrasah?

Unlike other madrasahs in the UK, Al Rushd Madrasah provides a cutting-edge educational programme. We are committed to providing top-notch instruction in the traditional Qur’an, Arabic language, and Islamic studies using the most cutting-edge technology available.

We do this by making sure that learning is enhanced by a unique innovation, interactive study materials, and cutting-edge user platforms. To specialise in these five areas, madrasahs were founded:

Tajweed science, Qur’an memorization, perfecting qira’ah, understanding Islam (Islamic studies), personality, and character development.

At Madrasah Al-Rushd, we strive to offer the best possible Islamic education supported by first-rate advanced resources. Al Rushd academy is committed to establishing and achieving the highest standards possible in every way.

Al-Rushd online Madrasah saves you both time and money because it is available anywhere in the world without requiring anyone to travel.

Math, English, Humanities, Sciences, Communication, Arabic, and Islamic studies, as well as Design & Creative Studies, are available to students at Al-Rushd online Madrasah.

Finally, if you are looking for the best Online Madrasah in the UK, we hope you find the right one in our Al-Rushd online school.

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