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    Why is A2 Cow Ghee Considered a Health Elixir?

    Ghee is one of the treasured foods of Ayurveda and if you go through the ancient scripts, you will find the health benefits of ghee mentioned clearly. Apart from offering a long list of health benefits, ghee is also highly versatile, and therefore, it can be used in all sorts of dishes, from sweet-dish to spicy meals. 

    Although the market is inundated with different types of ghee, the one ghee that tops the list is A2 cow ghee. A2 ghee is made naturally and since it is made from A2 milk, it offers a more extended list of benefits in comparison to all other types of ghee. So, let’s understand the health benefits of A2 ghee through this blog post. 

    Provides complete nourishment for the body 

    The one most talked about the benefit of A2 desi cow ghee is it nourishes the body tissues. It doesn’t matter whether you apply the ghee to your skin or eat it, it will lubricate the body tissues in both conditions.

    According to the experts, one should consume ghee in the morning, on an empty stomach. This has been recommended because, on an empty stomach, ghee acts as a complete source of nutrition for the cells inside our body and it also improves the rejuvenation of cells as well. 

    Improves digestion 

    A2 cow ghee contains a specific type of health elixir that helps in the secretion of digestive acids and this digestive acid compliments the food-breakdown process in our stomach. This is why, ghee is recommended to all those people who are suffering from any kind of digestive issue. 

    Apart from this, ghee also helps the body to shrug off toxins and by regularly consuming ghee, one can completely eliminate every type of toxin from his or her body. Furthermore, it has been noticed that people who consume ghee on a regular basis are better able to absorb nutrients from the food. 

    Get rid of dry and burnt skin 

    Many people have been using ghee only in meals but what they don’t know is the same A2 desi cow ghee can be directly applied on skins as well. Yes, this is why it is known as a health elixir. If you have dry skin, you can gently apply A2 Gir cow ghee on it and you will start noticing the change in just a couple of days. 

    Also, A2 cow ghee can be applied on burnt skin as well since ghee is known to replicate a soothing effect on the skin and therefore, the burning and uneasy sensation on the burnt skin can be reduced significantly and without the use of any medicines. 

    Higher smoking point 

    A2 cow ghee is a higher smoking point of almost 250 degrees Celsius and this is another reason why in almost all the Indian households, ghee is considered to be the ideal cooking oil. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for shallow fry or deep fry, ghee is always going to be the ideal choice. 

    The higher smoking point of A2 Gir cow ghee makes sure that even at high temperatures, toxic fumes aren’t released while in the case of all other cooking oils, you will notice the release of toxic fumes at high temperatures. 

    Ghee is not a secret health elixir as it can be found in almost all the Indian kitchens but instead of using artificially made ghee, you should always go for A2 cow ghee as it offers more benefits and the originality of this ghee makes it stand above all other options that you might come across in the supermarket. 


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