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When students move to the USA they have to encounter a host of challenges. These can be related to housing, financial expenses, studies, etc. Finding a suitable part-time job can also be a struggle. Now to handle all these challenges effectively you need to be in good spirits. Do you think you’ll be able to manage and adjust to a new lifestyle if you fall ill? If your body or let’s say heart stops supporting you then how will you manage to enjoy this new experience? So folk’s heart health is of paramount importance. We never understand the true importance of health until we fall sick. But sometimes it’s too late! So this article will address the common health issues faced by international students coming to the USA as well as effective tips to handle them.

Let us tell you that if you take care of your heart properly you will stay happy in the long term. It will be much easier to adjust to the challenging lifestyle of the USA. Taking care of health isn’t as simple as it sounds. You have to lay emphasis on both the physical and mental aspects of your health. Now if you haven’t yet moved to the USA but have full plans to move soon then we would advise you to seek the services of the finest US visa consultants in Ludhiana for expert guidance and advice. 

In this article, we will talk about the importance of heart health and how international students studying in the USA can manage to stay healthy by following some simple steps:

Why are heart attacks rising among the international student community?

We often hear news about young international students passing away due to heart attacks in the USA. These news items are quite distressing. A promising career is cut short by fatal diseases which were once observed only among the senior population. Now, what is the reason behind this? Well, the truth is that many students over-exhaust their bodies to make money. They get engaged in extreme part-time jobs and work for the whole day. They become susceptible to improper sleep schedules, unhealthy diets, and a multitude of other bad lifestyle choices. Now heart disease is a lifestyle disorder. 

The unhealthy choices students make push their hearts towards diseases. The most dangerous aspect of this is when some of these international students indulge in drug abuse to counter the increased stress. They start consuming alcohol, cocaine, and other harmful substances. All these wreak havoc on their poor hearts. Ultimately the heart gives up and these students end up dying an untimely death due to heart attacks. So there are multiple reasons responsible for heart fatalities among the young student population. It is important to carefully study all these factors one by one and then ultimately find an effective solution for each of them. 

The most effective tips for heart-healthy behavior

It can sound scary to talk about but let us assure you that some simple daily lifestyle changes will be enough to boost your heart health. Following them will ensure that you stay fit and healthy. Thus you will be able to make the most out of your experience as an international student in the USA.

Avoid substance abuse 

The first step to take care of cardiovascular health is to avoid substance abuse. Studies have clearly demonstrated that such substances constrict the coronary arteries, increase clotting of blood and make heart attacks more likely. These substances are the perfect recipe for a disaster. Yet many international students end up consuming this stuff. So say no to all such harmful substances. If you think the only way to counter stress is to consume drugs then you are living in a world of delusions. Come out of it and face the reality! You can deal with the challenges by finding support in your friends, local community, etc. Substance abuse isn’t going to solve any challenge. It is just a temporary escape for you from reality. But once the effects of the substance wean off you will have to handle the challenges on your own. So avoid indulging in any such behavior which will impact your heart health. 

Eat healthily 

The second way to take care of your heart is to eat a healthy diet. Indian diet has always been considered quite unhealthy due to the excessive amounts of oils, fats, calories, etc. The Indian population has a lesser protein intake. The inclusion of foods that promote heart health is almost nil. So all this makes them susceptible to heart diseases. So as an international student, you have to keep a tab on your diet. Now you might be tempted to order delicious butter chicken curry or tikkas through the food ordering apps. But you have to avoid getting tempted. Head to the kitchen and eat the home-cooked meal. If you are finding it hard to cook meals on own then you can find a suitable tiffin service for yourself. It can prevent you from the hassle of cooking meals daily. 

Do some physical activity

The best way to promote heart health is to stay active. When you exercise regularly it strengthens the heart muscles. The blood flow is improved. Exercise helps in the release of those hormones which create sensations of pleasure and happiness. So try to find some time for physical activity. It will help your heart to stay strong and healthy.  Just 30 minutes of physical activity is adequate for your heart health

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Don’t ignore the symptoms

A common tendency among the young population is that they tend to ignore the symptoms associated with heart diseases. The international students living in the USA might worry that going to hospital can be an expensive affair both in terms of money as well time. Hence they choose to ignore their symptoms. See this can be a fatal mistake. If you have any worrisome unusual symptoms like chest pains or breathing issues you must go for a checkup. It is better safe than sorry.

Wrapping it up

Heart health is of paramount importance. This organ pumps several liters of blood daily to keep you going. But the rising incidence of heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and other fatalities among the international population is a worrisome trend. There are many factors responsible for this. It is vital to keep these factors into account. If you are planning to move to the USA you must make sure you follow the above steps to secure the health of your heart. 

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