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The current educational culture calls for a balanced curriculum, and the IB curriculum provides just that. Practical skills and a problem-solving approach are a must for upcoming individuals. Existing traditional curriculums are failing to deliver these abilities to the students. When it comes to the education of our children, parents have a variety of choices. But do we choose wisely? Why should you choose IB Schools in Riyadh for your child?

There are four types of programs that an IB school has.

IB primary program is for children between 3 to 12 years. IB middle year program is for children between 11 to 16 years. And the IB diploma and career-related program are for children between 16 to 19 years of age.

Why IB Curriculum?

The curriculum outperforms current programs and gets pupils ready for impending challenges. IB has been very well-known throughout the years for its critical methodology. The IB curriculum prepares the children for college as well. Freedom to choose the learning process and critical thinking are some of the many benefits the IB curriculum imparts to its students. 

Independent Learning and Research Skills

The IB curriculum encourages the growth of these abilities. Much attention is put on critical thinking as well. The students get imparted with the knowledge of the importance of a solution-oriented mindset. Education at IB schools in Riyadh is much more than just making and memorizing notes. The teaching methods implemented in the IB curriculum focus on developing analysis and evaluation skills. Original research is an inseparable part of assessments in IB schools. 

Experience Learning 

The IB curriculum encourages a growth attitude. Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and the CAS – Creativity, activity, and service are the three major components of the curriculum. Students must possess independent research and planning abilities to ace these components. 

It is evident that while designing the curriculum, the focus was on the fact that education is much more than just reading books. Students engage in groups, initiatives, community service, and athletics to explore their interests. The open-ended nature of the learning structure encourages student inquiry. 

Global Opportunities

The IB curriculum is a globally accepted program with schools in 150 countries. It brings the world together at international schools in Riyadh. Students from different backgrounds indifferently create a safe, healthy, and global environment. IB curriculum facilitates mobile children’s academic transitions so that moving families won’t negatively affect their education. International universities, including esteemed ones like Harward, accept the International Baccalaureate. Education also instills cultural awareness in the kids.

Freedom of Learning 

IB students manage their education. Students are free to look for things that interest them and inspire them. Students can indulge in any activity according to their interests. The school provides clubs, projects, sports, and community service options. The educational environment enhances intelligence, confidence, and a sense of belonging. 

Complete Development

Along with education, personal development is also very essential. Due to the challenging nature of the curriculum, students can take care of themselves while tackling the challenge. The setting for learning throughout the course is fantastic. Additionally, it includes the CAS element, which impacts their whole development through creativity, action, and service. The best international schools with IB curricula turn forth students that excel in the classroom on the social and emotional spectrum. 

Opportunities In Riyadh 

You can get the benefits of a world IB school in Riyadh. The One World International School is one such institution that enrolls students in the IB curriculum. The IB schools in Riyadh provide a modern approach to education that is better than traditional. 


IB curriculum provides an improved alternative to the existing educational programs. It works on reaching the complete development of the kids. The leading schools emphasize making their pupils aware and employable while using the IB curriculum. Riyadh’s top schools offer these excellent services. With an increase in the popularity of IB schools in Riyadh, it is necessary to consider international schools in Riyadh for education.

Ultimately, the choice of boarding schools in Riyadh will depend on a number of factors. You’ll have to consider your budget, along with your child’s specific needs to find something that meets both his or her educational and emotional needs. We do believe that IB schools are perhaps the best option for students looking for a progressive and diverse education; however, other options might be right in certain cases when it comes to finding a school that suits you best. We hope this list has assisted you in your search, but if you need more information or wish to speak with an advisor in Saudi Arabia please contact us directly.

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